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Arizona College Ethical and Legal Concepts in Critical Care Setting PPT

Arizona College Ethical and Legal Concepts in Critical Care Setting PPT


you will be discussing legal and ethical concepts and concerns that occur in critical care areas.

That said, the purpose of this Powerpoint Presentation is to elaborate on ethical principles and legal concepts related to critical care nursing. Please review the rubric to ensure you have met the assignment criteria. The expected length of the Powerpoint Presentation is approximately 12-19 slides (with comments in the Notes section of each slide), which does not include the title and references slides. Please use the following format to draft your Powerpoint Presentation:

  1. Title or cover slide (include name, title of presentation, date)
  2. Introduction (including purpose statement) (1 slide)
  3. Discuss ethical principles and legal concepts as it relates to caring for a patient in an ICU setting (2-3 slides)
  4. Apply the components of a systematic, ethical decision-making model in caring for patients in a critical care setting (2-3 slides)
  5. Describe and discuss ethical and legal concerns related to end-of-life care (2-3 slides)
  6. Discuss concepts of end-of-life care, including palliative care; communication and conflict resolution; withholding or withdrawing therapy; and psychological support of the patient, family members, and healthcare providers (2-3 slides)
  7. Discuss cultural considerations in end-of-life care (2-3 slides)
  8. Describe an ethical situation you have experienced in your place of work or in an EL activity? Please include what you learned from this experience and how it relates to critical care nursing? (2-3 slides)
  9. Conclusion (this may be one short paragraph) (1 slide)
  10. List of references

In regards to APA format, please use the following as a guide:

  • Use APA 7th edition
  • Include a cover/title slide page
  • Use in-text references throughout the Powerpoint Presentation
  • Spelling, grammar, and organization are appropriate
  • Include a reference list
  • Attempt to use primary sources only. That said, you may cite reliable electronic sources (i.e. NCSBN, AANP)ru
  • intentional Learning and Reflection
    15 ptsExemplaryIdentifies/addresses a relevant topic and a thesis that provides direction for the content that is engaging and thought provoking. The thesis clearly and concisely states the position, premise, or hypothesis and is consistently the focal point throughout the presentation. Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding and careful, critical analysis of the research topic and thesis (argument). Compares/contrasts perspectives, considers counter arguments or opposing positions, and draws original and thoughtful conclusions with future implications. 10 ptsAccomplishedIdentifies/addresses a relevant topic and a thesis that provides adequate direction for the content with some degree of interest for the reader. The thesis states the position, premise, or hypothesis, and is the focal point of the paper for the most part. Demonstrates an understanding and some critical analysis of the research topic and thesis (argument). Adequately compares/contrasts perspectives, counter-arguments, or opposing positions but broader connections and/or implications are not as thoroughly explored 5 ptsDevelopingIdentifies a research topic but may be too broad in scope and/or the thesis is somewhat unclear and needs to be developed further. Focal point is not consistently maintained throughout the paper. Demonstrates general understanding with limited critical analysis of the research topic and thesis (argument). Summarizes perspectives, counter-arguments, or opposing positions. 0 ptsUnsatisfactory – BeginningFails to identify a relevant research topic or is not clearly defined and/or the paper lacks focus throughout. Demonstrates a lack of understanding and inadequate analysis of the research topic and thesis. Analysis is superficial based on opinions and preferences rather than critical analysis.
    15 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDecision Making and Clinical Reasoning
    15 ptsExemplaryProvides compelling and accurate evidence to support in-depth analysis to the central position beyond the required (2) research sources with at least 1 source from a periodical database. Research sources are highly relevant, accurate, recent (less than 5 years old) and reliable and add to the strength of the content. 10 ptsAccomplishedProvides essential, accurate evidence to support the central position with the required (2) research sources including 1 source from a periodical database that are mostly relevant, accurate, recent (less than 5 years old) and reliable. 5 ptsDevelopingProvides some evidence to support the central position with less than 2 acceptable research sources. Some sources may not be relevant, accurate, and reliable, greater than 5 years old and may not be from scholarly sources. 0 ptsUnsatisfactory – BeginningLacks sufficient research sources to support the central position and/or, if included, are generally not relevant, accurate, or reliable. Contains numerous factual mistakes, omissions, or oversimplifications.
    15 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization & Presentation
    15 ptsExemplaryContent is effectively organized. Ideas are arranged logically, flows smoothly, with a strong progression of thought from paragraph to paragraph connecting to the central position. Includes all required components (introduction, body, conclusion, citations, references, etc.). For a slide presentation, the design, font size, style, and spacing are optimal for audience viewing 10 ptsAccomplishedContent is adequately organized. Ideas are arranged reasonably with a progression of thought from paragraph to paragraph connecting to the central position. Includes required components of an introduction, body, and conclusion. For a slide presentation, one or more components of the design, font size, style, and spacing may be less than ideal for audience viewing. 5 ptsDevelopingContent is somewhat organized. For a paper, occasionally ideas from paragraph to paragraph may not flow well and/or connect to the central position or be clear as a whole. May be missing a required component and/or components may be less than complete. For a slide presentation, multiple aspects of the design require further development for optimal audience viewing. 0 ptsUnsatisfactory – BeginningContent lacks logical organization and impedes readers’ comprehension of ideas. For a paper, central position is rarely evident from paragraph to paragraph and/or the paper is missing multiple required components. For a slide presentation, the design lacks clarity for optimal viewing by an audience.
    15 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting and APA Formatting
    15 ptsExemplaryContent is well written and uses standard English characterized by elements of a strong writing style. Basically, free from grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, or formatting errors. APA guidelines for formatting are consistently followed. Includes in-text citations and references that are written correctly. 10 ptsAccomplishedContent shows above average writing style and clarity in writing using standard English. Minor errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and/or formatting. APA guidelines for formatting are present. In-text citations are present but may not be complete or correctly formatted. References are written using correct APA format 5 ptsDevelopingContent shows an average and/or casual writing style using standard English. Some errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage. Use of APA guidelines are generally present, however are incorrectly formatted. 0 ptsUnsatisfactory – BeginningContent shows a below average/poor writing style lacking in elements of appropriate standard English. Frequent errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage. Lacks elements required in writing a formal APA paper: title page, references, in-text citations, headers.

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