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FGCU Onboarding or New Employee Orientation Worksheet

FGCU Onboarding or New Employee Orientation Worksheet


Assignment Background

This assignment addresses learning outcomes including:

  • CLO1 Identify laws relevant to avoiding discrimination in human resources management and how to develop and support a diverse workplace.
  • CLO2 Discuss the importance and role of human resources management.
  • CLO3 Describe the processes of job analysis, job design, and employment forecasting.
  • CLO4 Discuss people analytics and human capital trends.
  • CLO5 Assess various recruitment and selection strategies, processes, and laws.
  • CLO6 Discuss various compensation and benefit plans and their effectiveness for job satisfaction.
  • CLO7 Discuss the rights and responsibilities of employees and their employers.

During Week 7, your research paper/presentation will be due. Please review the guidelines for your project in the Week 7 Module. We will begin reviewing articles now in preparation for the final project. Please read module 7.8 for specific project details.

An article review is personalized writing where you take someone’s else’s text (an expert on the subject) and:

  1. Read it – sometimes this needs to be done more than once.
  2. Understand it
  3. Summarize it
  4. Then write in your own words about the relevance and impact of the article on the chosen topic/subject and why.

Assignment Guidelines

Using the article analysis template below, please find two (2) scholarly articles from the FSW library that relate to your project topic which is On-boardng or New Employee Orientation. Keep the articles current – within the past 5 years.. Remember, the librarians are there to help you. Once you find your articles (you may want to look for more as you will need them for your final paper/project), prepare two article analyses using the template provided below.

Please attach at least one of the actual articles to the assignment link as well.

FSW Library Guides – Supervision and Management

Assignment Instructions

Please review the Rubric for additional information regarding grading criteria. Grading will be based on content, format, and demonstration of weekly reading assignments, learning objectives, and outside research. Direct quotes are not permitted.

  • An APA formatted title page and reference page
  • A minimum of 2 peer-reviewed article analyses (not including the textbook)from the FSW library database. See the link to the Florida SouthWestern State College Library Research Tutorial. Be sure to review how to find peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. The FSW librarians and your instructor can also assist with researching the databases.
  • Do not use any textbook as a source.
  • Do not use direct quotes. Be sure to paraphrase. Do not copy and paste. The FSW Writing Centers offer assistance with writing through virtual meetings. is also helpful.
  • Use APA to properly cite all sources.
    • Include a properly formatted APA cover sheet.
    • Include a properly formatted APA reference page.
    • Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
    • Follow the guidelines on the Article Analysis template
    • All resources must list an author(s) and date
  • A thorough analysis of the topic in relation to human resources, and course learning outcomes.
  • Spelling, grammar, and writing style
  • Write in the third person – such as, “This researcher…”, “This student…”, Do not use “I”, “we”, “our”, “you”, or any other forms of indefinite you.
  • Avoid bullet points.
  • Submit your own original work. Do not submit work previously submitted to any course – including your own work, that of other students, or any work that is purchased or traded from the online cheating sites, such as coursehero
  • Be sure to review your assignment after submitting it in Canvas in the assignment link. Submitting an assignment that cannot be viewed, or submitting the wrong file do not constitute valid excuses for re-submitting after the due date.

How to Write an Analysis of an Article?

Start by reading an article in question to understand the author’s opinion and purpose. Then begin by creating an outline that will guide you through the main ideas as you prepare to write a critical analysis. Make sure you do the following:

· Try to avoid talking about your ideas in sentences that start with “I think”, “I believe” and “In my opinion”;

· Always make sure to introduce the topic, as the audience may not know the piece in question;

· Focus on the author’s strengths and weaknesses by trying to follow the same structure in all parts of the text;

· Always use evidence and facts to support your statements and ideas;

· Remain open and unbiased when preparing your work.

. Make sure you paraphrase what the author is saying, DO NOT copy and paste.

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