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Grand Canyon University Transition Planning Paper

Grand Canyon University Transition Planning Paper


Special education teachers usually write the Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) academic goals and transition goals for the IEP. Information from the psychoeducational evaluation report, age appropriate assessments, artifacts, and interviews with team members, the student, the student’s family are used to write the postsecondary transition plan included in the student’s IEP. The information on the PLAAPF must align with the transition plan and goals in the areas of employment, further education and training, and independent living skills.

Aligned activities for each goal must be described in the transition plan. The coordinated set of activities are designed to help ensure that individualized instruction is geared towards the student’s postsecondary goals. These activities place a heavy emphasis on the student’s transition needs while still in school.

Use the following case studies to practice creating postsecondary goals for one of the two students who require transition plans. One case study focuses on a student with a mild disability and one focuses on a student with a moderate disability. Select the student whose disability reflects the population you are most interested in working with.

Female with a Moderate Intellectual Disability

Annie is a 15-year-old young woman who has a strong desire to work with animals. She has Down syndrome and her last cognitive assessment placed her IQ score at 47. She currently lives at home with her father and two younger siblings. Annie participates in some basic chores at home which include, sorting her laundry, cleaning her room, taking the trash out and putting dishes away. Annie can pick out her own clothes each morning, perform basic hygiene tasks (brushing teeth, using the restroom, washing hands, bathing, and dressing independently). Annie does rely on her family members to wake her up in the morning and remind her on what days to take a shower. Annie can use the microwave and make familiar basic meals independently (sandwiches, heating burritos in the microwave, heating up soup, making nachos). Annie relies on school for all her social interactions and currently does not see any friends outside of the school day. Annie can read basic sight words and does very well with visual supports. She has mastered the dollar up strategy and is able to make purchases using a $20.00 bill.

Male with a Mild Intellectual Disability

Andrew is a 15-year-old young man who has a strong desire to work with animals. He has a mild intellectual disability and his last cognitive assessment placed his IQ score at 62. He currently lives at home with his mother and father and two younger siblings. Andrew participates in some basic chores at home which include, doing his laundry, cleaning his room, taking the trash out, and putting dishes away. Andrew can get up each morning and get ready for his day. Andrew does rely on his family members to help with using money, navigating the public transit system, and reading any text above third grade reading level. Andrew can use the microwave and stove to make familiar basic meals independently. Andrew has a strong desire to live in an apartment with a friend one day.

Complete the “Transition Plan Template” for a student of your choice. Identify transition assessments, write postsecondary goals, and describe at least one elective or community-based aligned activity for each goal that can be implemented to support the student in reasonably achieving those transition goals. Complete the additional requirements in the transition plan.

In 100-250 word rationale at the bottom of your “Transition Plan Template” include the following in your rationale:

  • Explain how the activities help each student reach their postsecondary goals. Include a discussion of strategies that could be used to involve each student in the development and implementation of their own transition plan.
  • How does the transition plan (accommodations, electives, community activities) address the current and future needs of the student and meet the plan’s objectives?
  • How would you collaborate with the student, family, outside service agencies, and other educators when developing the transition plan and once the plan was complete?

Support your rationale with a minimum of one scholarly resource.

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