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Houston Community College Texas Federal System Discussion

Houston Community College Texas Federal System Discussion



  1. Familiarize yourself with immigration policies in Texas and the impacts of federalism. I recommend that you view the Federalism Video by Thomas Patterson (Links to an external site.) in Module 3. 
  2. In at least 200 words draft a persuasive argument on if you agree that the federal immigration policies have caused an undue burden on Texas or if Texas like other states are constitutionally required to assist immigrants. It is okay to be neutral, but you must state your reasoning. Think about the religious, political, cultural, economic, and societal implications of immigration on Texas. 

Your persuasive argument may follow this essay format. Sample persuasive argument. The questions in purple are designed to help you think through your answers. You do not have to answer them. 

1st Paragraph

  • In 1-2 sentence(s): Provide a brief introduction on Texas immigration and state policies. Are Texas immigration policies discriminatory or weak? Why? (Please summarize in your own words.) 
  • In 2-3 sentences: Give context and/or background on Texas immigration policies. Describe the history of immigration in Texas. Describe the issue surrounding immigration. What is the problem? Who is for immigration and who is against it? Why? (Please summarize in your own words.)

2nd Paragraph 

(You will need to answer all of the bullet points in this section. Visit the Chapter 2: 3 Things to Know page. You may also want to view the videos on federalism.) 

  • In 1-2 sentence(s): Federalism divides power and resources between the U.S. federal government and state governments regarding laws. Describe how power and resources (money) are divided. Who has more power and control, the state government or the federal government? Is federalism needed? Does the federal government give Texas money to support immigration policies? Have federal immigration policies caused an undue burden on Texas? Why or why not? How has Texas used federal and state funds on immigration?
  • In 1-2 sentence(s): Detail possible limitations of federalism and how the overreach may negatively impact immigration in Texas. What are the limitations or negative impacts of federalism? What would happen if the federal government abused its power regarding immigration? What could states do?

3rd Paragraph 

  • In 2-3 sentences: Share your position on Texas immigration policies. Should the Texas government regulate immigration? Is federal legislation necessary to ensure equitable immigration policies? Should the federal government increase funding to states with the highest immigrant population? Would additional funding eliminate discrimination against immigrants? How have media and political influence shaped the narrative around immigration in Texas? (Acknowledge opposing viewpoints, if applicable.) 
  • In 2-3 sentences: Include facts/data/evidence to support your argument. (You may use the data and quotes in the Texas Data & Polls on Immigration section.) 
  • In 1-2 sentence(s): Provide a summary of your argument. Do you have questions or a call to action? Is there a grey area or is the solution clear?  


  • Include at least 2 citations (If you read any of the data or articles used in this discussion, then you may copy/paste them as your citations.) 

(Your submission should read like an essay. I added the sentence length to assist those who prefer more detail. I am more concerned about the structure and quality of your argument. Your grade will be negatively impacted if you do not answer the bold content-related questions on federalism, include data, and/or forget to list your citations. Be sure to review the discussion rubric in the ‘Start Here’ module.) 

Questions to Think About: 

  • Are the Texas immigration concerns politically motivated? 
  • Has the media shifted attitudes negativity toward immigrants? 
  • Has systematic racism in media shaped the public narrative? 

Suggested Reading (Optional) 

Garcia, Z. (2022, February 23). Immigrants are crucial to Texas’ economy. (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.) 

Klineberg, S. (2020, May 4). The 2020 Kinder Houston Area Survey. Kinder Institute for Urban Research. (Links to an external site.)

The Texas Politics Project. (2020, April.) Views on Amount of Legal Immigrants (April 2020). The University of Texas at Austin. (Links to an external site.)

Ward, M. (2016, May 24). Texas once welcomed, even recruited immigrants. Chron. (Links to an external site.)

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