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I need a 200 word analysis on the document that I put below on Native Americans

I need a 200 word analysis on the document that I put below on Native Americans


  1. Write a 200 word analysis on the document listed below please.
    1. It must have a clear thesis statement  [ Must be underlined.]
    2. A well-detailed and specific summary and analysis of one main aspect of the primary document.
    3. One quotation from same PD. “Quotation must be italicized.”
  2. A word count counter at the end. General FYI:
    1. Clear and concise Thesis Statements. Your thesis statements should state a clear position, it shouldn’t be you just stating a fact from the primary document, but rather critically analyzing what the PD is trying to say.
      1. Also, if you are copy and pasting from a word document and the underline disappears, you can add it back using the toolbar right above the textbox. The Underline button is on the same line as the superscript button.
      2. If you need more information on how to write a  thesis statement then check out the information provided to you about Thesis Statements located in the Writing Assignment Module.
    2. Specifics from the Primary Document. Make sure to really highlight and expand at least one point, or aspect, of the Primary Document. You don’t need to summarize the whole document, instead you can set up in a sentence what the PD is about, then narrow the focus to one specific part of it. Explain it, provide analysis of it, then add a quotation to help emphasis it. By doing this it’ll also address the next issue.
    3. Use of Quotations. Quotations are meant to be used to support the evidence you are using to support your argument, they aren’t supposed to be the evidence themselves. Therefore, make sure you aren’t having the quotation do all the heavy lifting. Essentially don’t just say: “Here is my point because the primary sources says ‘quotation.'” You have to set the stage for the quotation.
  3. An Aztec Account of the Spanish Attack
    This source aggregates a number of early written reports by Aztec authors describing the destruction of Tenochtitlan at the hands of a coalition of Spanish and Indian armies. This collection of sources was assembled by Miguel Leon Portilla, a Mexican anthropologist.

    When Montezuma had given necklaces to each one, Cortés asked him: “Are you Montezuma? Are you the king? Is it true that you are the king Montezuma?”And the king said: “Yes, I am Montezuma.” Then he stood up to welcome Cortés; he came forward, bowed his head low and addressed him in these words: “Our lord, you are weary. The journey has tired you, but now you have arrived on the earth. You have come to your city, Mexico. You have come here to sit on your throne, to sit under its canopy.“The kings who have gone before, your representatives, guarded it and preserved it for your coming. The kings Itzcoatl, Montezuma the Elder, Axayacatl, Tizoc and Ahuitzol ruled for you in the City of Mexico. The people were protected by their swords and sheltered by their shields.“Do the kings know the destiny of those they left behind, their posterity? If only they are watching! If only they can see what I see!No, it is not a dream. I am not walking in my sleep. I am not seeing you in my dreams…. I have seen you at last! I have met you face to face! I was in agony for five days, for ten days, with my eyes fixed on the Region of the Mystery. And now you have come out of the clouds and mists to sit on your throne again.This was foretold by the kings who governed your city, and now it has taken place. You have come back to us; you have come down from the sky. Rest now, and take possession of your royal houses. Welcome to your land, my lords!”When Montezuma had finished, La Malinche translated his address into Spanish so that the Captain could understand it. Cortés replied in his strange and savage tongue, speaking first to La Malinche: “Tell Montezuma that we are his friends. There is nothing to fear. We have wanted to see him for a long time, and now we have seen his face and heard his words. Tell him that we love him well and that our hearts are contented.”Then he said to Montezuma: “We have come to your house in Mexico as friends. There is nothing to fear.”La Malinche translated this speech and the Spaniards grasped Montezuma’s hands and patted his back to show their affection for him….During this time, the people asked Montezuma how they should celebrate their god’s fiesta. He said: “Dress him in all his finery, in all his sacred ornaments.”During this same time, The Sun commanded that Montezuma and Itzcohuatzin, the military chief of Tlatelolco, be made prisoners. The Spaniards hanged a chief from Acolhuacan named Nezahualquentzin. They also murdered the king of Nauhtla, Cohualpopocatzin, by wounding him with arrows and then burning him alive.For this reason, our warriors were on guard at the Eagle Gate. The sentries from Tenochtitlan stood at one side of the gate, and the sentries from Tlatelolco at the other. But messengers came to tell them to dress the figure of Huitzilopochtli. They left their posts and went to dress him in his sacred finery: his ornaments and his paper clothing.When this had been done, the celebrants began to sing their songs. That is how they celebrated the first day of the fiesta. On the second day they began to sing again, but without warning they were all put to death. The dancers and singers were completely unarmed. They brought only their embroidered cloaks, their turquoises, their lip plugs, their necklaces, their clusters of heron feathers, their trinkets made of deer hooves. Those who played the drums, the old men, had brought their gourds of snuff and their timbrels.The Spaniards attacked the musicians first, slashing at their hands and faces until they had killed all of them. The singers-and even the spectators- were also killed. This slaughter in the Sacred Patio went on for three hours. Then the Spaniards burst into the rooms of the temple to kill the others: those who were carrying water, or bringing fodder for the horses, or grinding meal, or sweeping, or standing watch over this work.The king Montezuma, who was accompanied by Itzcohuatzin and by those who had brought food for the Spaniards, protested: “Our lords, that is enough! What are you doing? These people are not carrying shields or macanas. Our lords, they are completely unarmed!”The Sun had treacherously murdered our people on the twentieth day after the captain left for the coast. We allowed the Captain to return to the city in peace. But on the following day we attacked him with all our might, and that was the beginning of the war.

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