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LAPC Bonding Family Studies Discussion Reply

LAPC Bonding Family Studies Discussion Reply


will send students discussion post after assigned to tutor. required to reply to 2 students with an 150 word response to each. talking about how you agree with their statement and how you enjoyed reading their discussion, etc.

My University area of study is Family Studies which have some similar aspects to the Field of Resource Management such as giving time to one another because when you give time to each other, it means you are helping each other develop new positive habits and learning more about each other which is really important when it comes to family. Giving your time and energy is how you are able to create a good relationship. The field of Resource Management has important resources that could help a person meet their needs/wants such as space and time because every person wants space to be alone, at the same time they want to spend time together as a family since not all families have the time and energy to be together as a whole family due to different schedules. Family Studies involves the interactions that can help with creating a special bond between two or more people in a particular family so therefore, Family Studies and the Field of Resource Management fits perfectly since both have things in common. Another resource they both have in common is money because money plays a role in every single family which can either have a negative or positive impact among family members. Career Wise in my area of study if I were to become a social worker or a family therapist, I would have to come up with pros and cons about what went wrong then come up with positive outcomes that can really help solve an issue or issues if I were to work with families who needed my help to fix their relationship. On the other hand, creating a bond with family members you don’t normally talk to is the right way to creating a good relationship because we all want someone to hear us out and to be there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on in times of trouble. With the Field of Resource Management, time and energy are the two most important because it is what brings family members closer than ever before so I would have to argue that relationships are more important than anything else because there are families that does not get that chance since they are probably broken families. Broken families has a negative impact on a child which causes them to act out all the time. 

My current area of study is Family Studies, which relates heavily to Family Resource Management. According to powerpoint one, Family Resource Management involves certain aspects families consider and organize in order to meet their specific goals. Some of those aspects include time, money, energy, etc. Family Studies revolves around understanding familial challenges, processes, development, and so much more. So, Family Resource Management and Family Studies really go hand-in-hand because in my area of study, I need to be able to understand all aspects of the family unit and how to come up with solutions for everyday problems families may have. A huge proponent of Family Resource Management is money. I would almost argue that the basis of a well-rounded family is money. This is because a family cannot thrive or really survive without a good source of income. In Family Studies, I’ve been taught the magnitude money has on a family. Money often causes great strain within a family. In most cases, money causes parents to argue, or even separate, which can then result in emotional strain for their children. Another big aspect of Family Resource Management is time. If money is not an issue in a family, then time most likely is. A big issue I’ve been noticing that most caregivers deal with is allocating enough time with their children and their partners. This, in turn, can also cause great strain on the family. Children need an appropriate amount of attention from their caregivers in order to develop healthily. However, an aspect most do not give enough attention to is that partners in relationships also need to be shown an appropriate amount of attention in order to stay happy. When one caregiver is unhappy, it often causes strain for the children and their partner, so managing time for each member of the family is a huge aspect that can often be overlooked. Overall, Family Studies and Family Resource Management really go hand-in-hand because the many aspects of Family Resource Management are what dictate a happy and healthy family unit. 

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