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Liberty University Effective Report Writing Discussion

Liberty University Effective Report Writing Discussion


Discuss the proper writing and grammar style for note taking and for report writing. Is there a difference in the style used between the two? If so, why?

Additionally, please discuss and identify the proper and improper writing styles and techniques for completing reports.

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Report Writing for Law Enforcement and Corrections Professionals (Subscription)

Ch 3 and 4


Read: Matthew 13:51-52:… 

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Watch: Effective Report Writing

Hello and welcome to deliver universities help School of Government with suggest 231 criminal justice port writing module to effective report writing. And I’ll be your presenter. My name is Dr. Fred new. In this module, we’re going to focus on effective report, right? We’re going to discuss the basics of proper writing and grammar and report writing. We want to evaluate the proper report writing techniques and identify proper and improper writing for reports. Right? Right. All right. What is the difference in? Doesn’t really matter. What role does the writing style a gram or play. When you’re documenting both your notes and report. Proper documentation is a reflection of your training skills and abilities of a law enforcement officer. Proper documentation of your notes is essential to ensuring that you have the information necessary to properly document the report you’ll be completing at a later time. Proper diction and grammar are essential as well. So what is the difference between diction and grammar? As you can see above, right? Right, and write that as an example addiction. While they all sound the same, they are different words. But when you work eight, 10, 12 hour shifts, when you’re tired and you’re on your 15th call for the day and you’re taking your seventh or offense report, you will make mistakes and that is common. That is okay. The goal is to try to minimize those mistakes as much as possible. Because accurately documenting information, facts for a case, our critical and merely making a mistake in one word can make a significant error in the audience or in the way in which an often support reach. And that can have significant RAM and kept ramifications for you and for the investigation. It’s important to remember to be thorough and complete. Why are complete thorough reports necessary? Was your text says the writing style must focus on well-constructed paragraphs and sentences using proper English grammar skills. Regarding the right way to write the emphasis of the narrative report is on presenting clear, concise, and comprehensive information that is grammatically correct and understandable to readers with a wide variety of educational levels. Who will be reading and viewing your reports? It could be literally anyone. And you’ve got to remember that everyone, from the victim to a witness, to a suspect, to the district attorney, to the defense attorney, to your training officer, to your command staff, to the mayor of your jurisdiction, should be reading your reports. So it’s important that you properly and accurately document the information and that you do it in a professional correct. Manner. So in your career, you will be required to complete a wide array of reports, and that is dependent upon the agency for which you work and the type of offenses which they might document. So you may complete an offense or for an accident or a crash report, a statement, submit or narrative them more. But are they all the same? In some ways, yes. But in most ways now, they are all the same and that you’re documenting important information for the report that you’re completing. But they’re different in their purpose and their scope and what it is they’re documenting. For example, there’s a significant difference in documenting a criminal offense and documenting an accident or a crash report. They both serve a significant purpose for the public, but they are both different. So what role does note-taking have in this whole process? As you will see, note-taking is foundational to successfully completing complete accurate reports. Narratives are a critical part of just about any report that you will be required to complete the process of note-taking and your options are important to consider. I’ve worked with some who actually take notes on their hands. I would not recommend that. I would recommend that you actually consider obtaining some type of a notepad, whether it’s the type that fits in your pocket or clipboard or something else that is comfortable for you and the system that you utilize to document information. But you need to be sure that it’s comfortable for you and it allows you to methodically and accurately document all the information necessary. Because the importance of the narrative cannot be understated. The narrative on the public report will always document the elements of the crime. And narrative in a confidential report will provide information that the average general public will not see. So you need to remember the basics, keep it simple and understandable. Again, you will have a wide audience viewing your reports, different educational levels. So it’s important that you remember that so that you keep it simple enough so they can all understand them. The major elements of offense reports may include something like a cover sheet, an introduction where you introduce the events of how you responded, reporting individual victim or witness statements, facts of the case, and only the facts are critical when documenting all of these reports. Always be sure to document the facts and leave out any opinion or judgment. Suspect statements when possible, are always preferred, but not always possible. And then finish up with a conclusion. Matthew 135152 says, Have you understood all these things they said to him, yes, And Jesus said to them, Therefore, every scribe who has become a disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven is like a head of a household who brings out of his treasure things new and old. The lower showed his disciples, the US, they work to make of the knowledge they had acquired. Whether from the old revelation that had been made to them by the profits are from the new one of which Jesus was the author and dispenser. And so it’s important to remember when documenting information. It was obviously important for Jesus to accurately document the things he commanded his disciples. It’s also important for you to document factually and properly and accurately the information that you obtain from the people that you speak with when completing the report that you’ll complete. In closing, remember, proper writing is critical. Numerous in various reports will be required, but remember to be concise, yet complete and thorough. And finally, the narrative tells the story, but remember to only include the facts and just the facts. 

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