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MGT 301 Saudi Electronic University Management Case Study

MGT 301 Saudi Electronic University Management Case Study


2.1 Learning Outcomes:

Chapter- 1 (01-03;01-04)

2.2 Action Required: (Knowledge Application-Apply)

Thisactivity is important because as a manager, you should understand thefactors that affect a firm’s profitability and long-term survival.According to the resource-based view, a company can gain competitiveadvantage from resources that are inimitable and rare.

The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate your understanding of the resource-based view by writing a conclusion in your words after reading a case study.

Case Analysis (The Resource-Based View in Sports)

Strategy and sports met in the movie Moneyball.The Oakland Athletics applied statistical analysis to the evaluation ofplayers and surged in performance. The team’s analysis method, calledsabermatics, was unique in how it applied objective data to predictfuture player performance. The Athletics were able to recruit players ata lower cost due to their proprietary knowledge. Even after competitorsstarted using statistical analysis, the Athletics benefited from theirearly knowledge, capable staff, and history of decision making. All ofthis, of course, translated into profit for the team owners.

Competitiveadvantage comes from unlikely places in other sports as well.Researchers found that NCAA football programs benefit from staffdiversity. Racial diversity among coaches and varied past experiencespredict success. NBA basketball teams are more successful as they gainshared experiences. After years together on a team, just like afteryears together in a workplace, players/coworkers have a sharedunderstanding of how work is done.

Financialresources are of huge benefit to the few universities with successfulsports programs. Paying top coaches, building impressive athleticfacilities, and fan support, all contribute to intangible gains such asreputation, stronger shared feelings of winning history, and motivation.

Butwhat happens with a team suddenly loses its competitive advantages? In1986, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, was dealt what iscalled the “death penalty” in college sports. After years of payingplayers and their families, among other serious violations of NCAArules, the team was punished with the cancelling its entire 1987 season.This damaged recruiting efforts, fundraising, reputation, and sharedexperiences among staff and coaches to that point. It was 20 yearsbefore SMU was in another bowl game.

2.3 Test your knowledge:(Question)

Read the case about the resource-based view in sports and write the conclusion of this case in your words. Create a discussion board thread and upload your answers. (Min words recommended 100-150)

2.4 Instructions:

Read the case about The Resource-Based View in Sports & demonstrate your understanding.

3.1 Learning Outcomes:

Chapter- 4 (04-01;04-05)

3.2 Action Required:

The purpose of this interactive activity is to your understanding of the concepts learned from lessons.


Ofcourse, job satisfaction is important for other reasons as well—reasonsthat have little to do with job performance or organizationalcommitment. For example, job satisfaction is strongly related to lifesatisfaction, or the degree to which employees feel a sense of happinesswith their lives. Research shows that job satisfaction is one of thestrongest predictors of life satisfaction. Put simply, people feelbetter about their lives when they feel better about their jobs. Thislink makes sense when you realize how much of our identity is wrapped upin our jobs. What’s the first question that people ask one anotherafter being introduced? That’s right—“What do you do?” If you feel badabout your answer to that question, it’s hard to feel good about yourlife. The connection between job satisfaction and life satisfaction alsomakes sense given how much of our lives are spent at work. Presents theresults of one study that examines time spent on daily activities,along with reported levels of positive and negative feelings during thecourse of those activities. The participants in the study spent most oftheir day at work. Unfortunately, that time resulted in the highestlevels of negative feelings and the second-lowest levels of positivefeelings (behind only commuting). Home and leisure activities (e.g.,socializing, relaxing, exercising, intimate relations) were deemed muchmore satisfying but took up a much smaller portion of the day. Theimplication is clear: If we want to feel better about our days, we needto find a way to be more satisfied with our jobs.

Indeed,increases in job satisfaction have a stronger impact on lifesatisfaction than do increases in salary or income. It turns out thatthe adage “money can’t buy happiness” is partially true.

3.3 Test your knowledge:(Questions)


3.4 Instructions

Read this paragraph carefully and try to understand, how does job satisfaction is strongly related to our life satisfaction, write your (Comment) view few lines in your words. Post your answer in the discussion board using the discussion link below

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