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Miami Dade College Preventing Pressure Injuries and Managing Wounds Discussion

Miami Dade College Preventing Pressure Injuries and Managing Wounds Discussion


Instructions: please reply to the below posts separately with 150 words each and 1 scholarly reference each.

Post 1:

The clinical question is to study how implementing patient education on pressure injury prevention lowers the amount of hospital acquired pressure injuries and if implementing this intervention helps. The population being targeted in this research study is acute medical units in a respiratory, medical and infectious disease averaging the age of 67 (Deakin et al., 2020). The intervention in this study is after the patients have been admitted on these acute medical units, they will receive a patient-centred pressure injury prevention care bundle that includes a brochure and unlimited access to patient education videos on pressure injuries. These patients will also receive the usual pressure injury prevention care. For the comparison the patients who received the patient-centred pressure injury prevention care bundle and pressure injury prevention care, the patient hospital will measure the patients participation and their satisfaction with their respective scales. The outcome of these results concluded to a better outcome for these patients who are at high risk for pressure injuries. The patients felt that their cooperation helped prevent the injuries and helped them be informed and strategize in other health areas. Finally, this research was conducted on weekdays for eight hours in a four week period in the months of November and December in 2019 (Deakin et al., 2020). This study was done to see if the implementation of these patient-centred pressure injury prevention care bundles and PIP care will help prevent pressure injuries with the patient’s cooperation and it will cause for the number of hospital acquired pressure injuries lower and raise patient satisfaction rates. The study was done by researchers studying these acute medical units and providing education on things like, proper nutrition, positioning, and skin inspections. What was found in this study is that 92% of the patients watched the educational videos at the bedside and the scale used to measure the patients participation increased and showed a substantial difference in the before statistics (Deakin et al., 2020). I will apply this information in my practice setting by educating my patients on pressure injuries and it will help me as a nurse and make my job easier and as well increase patient satisfaction rates in my facility. To conclude, my experience after reading the article helped widen my EBP and it will allow me to have knowledge of the benefits of implementing pressure injury prevention to my patients and it will also allow me to bring ideas to the my workplace to better patient outcomes. The use of a quantitative research method allowed for the patient to take surveys and these numbers be measured, hence meeting the studies needs and design to gather a quantitative research study on prevention of pressure injuries.

Post 2:

For my discussion, I chose the first article which talks about interventions to improve hospitalized patients pressure injury prevention. Pressure injury can take a toll on someones physical and mental state which can cause patients to stay longer in the hospital and longer for them to heal. This article talks about how implementing patient education on pressure ulcers can help prevent hospitalized acquire pressure injuries. The population targeted in this research study were the geriatric population of 67 years of age and many were satisfied with the education and interventions delivered. The interventions delivered on this study were patients receiving posters, brochures, and unlimited access to the patients information video as well as pressure injury care which were repositioning, adequate nutrition, and skin care (Deakin et al., 2020). They compared the patients participation in pressure injury prevention scale from before and after the intervention and measured their satisfaction with the scale. As far as the outcome, 98.8% of the patients agreed that they were satisfied with the interventions delivered (Deakin et al., 2020). The research was conducted in the months of November and December of 2019 within 8 hours of admission and weekly assessments (Deakin et al., 2020). This study was done to show how educating patients about pressure ulcers while at their stay at the hospital can reduce the risks of acquiring pressure ulcers in the hospital. The study was done by researchers providing educational videos for patients as well as explaining interventions like adequate nutrition, skin care, and repositioning themselves can help prevent pressure ulcers and make their stay at the hospital shorter. They found that the more educated the patients are about their health, the better care they can receive. I will apply this information in my practice by always teaching my patients the risks of not repositioning themselves can lead to pressure injuries and just educating patients about their health which can lead to a better nurse-patient relationship. The quantitative research method met the needs of the study, study design, and participants by allowing the participants to be involved and have knowledge in their care as well as take a survey at the end.

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