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Miami Regional University The Link BW Health and Behavior Discussion & Responses

Miami Regional University The Link BW Health and Behavior Discussion & Responses


using the paradigms of health, discuss the link between health and behavior.  Describes how this relationship affects social determinants of health. 


The link between health and behaviorby Leizer Espinosa – Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 10:51 PMNumber of replies: 1Introduction About MyselfLeizer EspinosaMRUMSN5550 Health Promotion: Prevention of DiseaseRafael CamejoSeptember 7, 2022

Introduction About MyselfI am Leizer Espinosa and a nurse with three years of experience. I have always considered my ability to help others as my greatest weakness; thus, being in a nursing career has helped me in making a meaningful impact on the lives of other people. Being a nurse for the last few years, I have been able to interact with people from various walks of life. The outbreak of the covid epidemic made me actively involved in health education, especially on the prevention and health promotion in Miami. As a nurse, I have been actively involved in advocating for the health disparities in society that have been affecting access to care among the vulnerable population, which has increased my motivation of being a nurse practitioner. In the future, I would like to specialize as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner or as a Family Nurse Practitioner.Health and behaviors are closely related to each other in various ways. Individuals’ behavior may affect their health in various ways. For example, individuals can be involved in behaviors such as being physically active and eating well, which can improve health (NIH, 2022). In contrast, actions such as smoking, risky sexual behaviors and excessive alcohol intake increase the likelihood of diseases. Unhealthy behaviors have thus been associated with increased death and diseases such as obesity and heart disease (CDC, 2022). The relationship between health and behavior affects the social determinants of health with various related health outcomes (ODPHP, 2020). The relationship between health and behavior may also lead to the implementation of policies focused on the well-being of the entire population, such as reducing the rate obese rate by limiting unhealthy food consumption.Socioeconomic status, education status, age, beliefs and cultures are among the determinants of health that can be used in designing clinical prevention and strategies. Among the challenges facing healthcare includes the ostracism of people with disabilities and the increased needs of the aging population. The challenges can be solved by having societal changes and programs that promote specific group health. The data source from the patients can be used in evaluating the effectiveness of the various clinical health interventions. The patients can be a source of data that presents their experiences and what they would like to be emphasized in the healthcare system. Mediating is among the strategies that can be used to design patient-centered strategies for clinical prevention and care delivery as individuals in a community can be able to reconcile on how to promote and protect their health (Kumar & Preetha, 2019). Secondary prevention can be used in detecting, arresting and controlling the progression of a disease. Secondary prevention can thus ensure that there is clinical prevention of various diseases.

ReferenceCDC. (2022). Social Determinants of Health. CDC. Retrieved 7 September 2022, from, S., & Preetha, G. (2019). Health promotion: An effective tool for global health. NIH. Retrieved 7 September 2022, from (2020). Determinants of Health | Healthy People 2020. Retrieved 7 September 2022, from (2022). Health and Behavior: The Interplay of Biological, Behavioral, and Societal Influences. NIH. Retrieved 7 September 2022, from.

PermalinkReplyIn reply to Leizer EspinosaRe: The link between health and behaviorby Elba Garcia Mesa – Thursday, September 8, 2022, 12:51 AMPreviously, such a large number of individuals believed that the connection among wellbeing and conduct was not related at all. Be that as it may, as time and explores have progressed, agents have had the option to acknowledge how significant and critical is the connection between the conduct perspective and what it means for the strength of every individual. Wellbeing is characterized by some as the state of being liberated from infection, hurt, or any injury. Others might characterize it as the state of having a sensible physical, mental, otherworldly, and social capability, where the individual and the general public are both mindful. Then again, conduct could be characterized as how an individual might act or acts.( Lenhart, 2019). manner in which individuals act enormously affects their prosperity, which furthermore straightforwardly affects their physical, otherworldly, profound, and by and large wellbeing angles.We should constantly ponder and view at the individual all in all and not from a fragmented perspective. Thusly, we will get a more comprehensive methodology. Consequently every thing or perspective, whether physical, profound, or otherworldly, we can think about how every way of behaving and every choice made by the singular impacts them, emphatically or adversely, changing the complete wellbeing or prosperity of the person.Individual lead, what’s more, has an impact in wellbeing results. For instance, this could incorporate ways of behaving like the manner in which they eat, what they drink, assuming they work out, any harmful things to do, or cleanliness rehearses, if any. Thinking about this large number of viewpoints would straightforwardly affect their wellbeing. An illustration of changes in their way of behaving and choices could be, assuming an individual stops smoking, the gamble of the referenced person of fostering some cardiovascular sickness are significantly diminished, or on the other hand in the event that an individual chose to make a few changes in their nourishment, bringing down their starch consumption, might actually decrease the dangers of creating diabetes type two later on. These positive changes in the singular way of behaving can decrease the gamble of fostering a constant sickness or complexities in the event that they as of now have an ongoing condition.ReferencesLenhart, O. (2019). The effects of income on health: New evidence from the earned income tax credit. Review of Economics of the Household, 17(2), 377-410. doi:, C.E. E. Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…PermalinkShow parentReply? The link between health and behavior.? Module 1 Quiz

The Link between Health and Elba Garcia Mesa – Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 11:47 PMNumber of replies: 0My name is Elba Garcia. I am a doctor from Cuba, I have been in this country for 8 years. I work as an RN in a nursing home. I love working in the medical field. Being FNP for me is a dream, which little by little is materializing. I hope to develop more skills and put them into practice with my patients.                                    The Link between Health and Behavior.The US Department of Health and Human Services developed the Healthy People framework to promote people’s health. The federal government revises this structure like clockwork by including factors influencing wellbeing in view of the patterns in the public eye. As seen with Sound Individuals 2020, social determinants of wellbeing, for example, the accessibility of open positions, social turmoil, environmental change, high medical services costs influence individuals’ wellbeing (, 2020). The moving worldview of wellbeing expects one to figuring out the connection among wellbeing and conduct. Becoming illuminated about the relationship can uncover how this influence social determinants of wellbeing.The progressions in medical care needs have pushed states to recognize vital ways of advancing practical conditions and support sound ways of behaving. De Angulo and Losada (2015) illuminate that the advanced western world has encountered shifts in the standards overseeing medication and human wellbeing. Beforehand, the worldwide wellbeing worldview zeroed in on plague control in all nations where states went about as the fundamental wellbeing entertainers. Notwithstanding, the worldwide networks saw this worldview as unnecessarily reductionist. The change in perspective has changed where the emphasis is more on fathoming the wellbeing illness process as opposed to review wellbeing as a natural and natural issue.Tending to medical care needs is a viewpoint that Tracker (2008) underlines since zeroing in on accomplishing reasonable wellbeing. While tending to medical care needs, wellbeing experts and promoters of wellbeing gain knowledge into ways of behaving influencing wellbeing. As indicated by Conner and Norman (2017), ways of behaving, for example, smoking, liquor use, actual work, sexual action, and eating ways of behaving impact wellbeing results. For instance, smoking way of behaving can prompt liver issues, and liquor use can add to psychological well-being issues. Further discoveries show that segment components, for example, financial status and orientation impact smoking way of behaving and actual work among populaces (Conner and Norman, 2017). Change in the negative standards of conduct into solid exercises like going for doctor visits, screening and immunization might prompt wellbeing upkeep, rebuilding, and improvement. Along these lines, exercises that individuals take part in decide how they are probably going to improve or demolish their wellbeing state.As Conner and Norman (2017) delineate, the connection among conduct and wellbeing influences the social determinants of wellbeing. In this sense, expanded liquor use falls under the social determinants of wellbeing which place the casualties in circumstances that adversely influence their prosperity. Openness to wrongdoing and social issue, absence of open positions, and living wages to help business are among the social determinants of wellbeing that impact individuals to enjoy substance misuse. Chronic weakness results among such casualties of substance misuse might result from the absence of protection inclusion and high wellbeing costs keeping them from looking for clinical help when sick. As per (2020), individual conduct assumes a huge part in diminishing the pace of wellbeing dangers, for example, liver cirrhosis and cellular breakdown in the lungs brought about by extreme liquor utilization. Thusly, the connection among wellbeing and conduct goes quite far in divulging determinants of wellbeing, whether individual, social, natural, and monetary angles that influence wellbeing.In aggregate, wellbeing promoters, policymakers, and populaces ought to perceive that recognizing the populace’s necessities impacts the activities expected to further develop wellbeing. Recognizing the social factors, for example, upgrading food accessibility, social help, public security, and expanded wellbeing access can advance positive medical services results in the public arena. The changing examples in medical services require a consistent reexamination of procedures to advance wellbeing.

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