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Multicultural Issues in Counseling and Human services Discussions

Multicultural Issues in Counseling and Human services Discussions


Advanced Theories and Techniques of Counseling

DB 1.2 – Our Roots in Theory

The theories we are studying have an increasingly short half-life within the field of counseling. Entire schools of psychotherapy have undergone dramatic change, some more rapidly than others—and some have virtually disappeared (e.g., transactional analysis). New and increasingly integrative approaches to mental health have been presented. Although built on strong historical foundations, these recent modalities would strike even psychotherapists of the 1960s and 1970s as novel if not strange.

For this discussion, identify 3 key takeaways from your reading related to the historical foundations of psychotherapy, the impact of biology, and/or epigenetics on the counseling profession.

DB 1.3 – Case Study: Eve and Raleigh

Eve and Raleigh are in the process of adopting a sibling group and, as a part of the process, are participating in couples counseling. Eve reports that her aunt recently made some cruel comments about the children that alarmed her. The aunt had somehow heard or perhaps just guessed that the children’s biological parents had serious substance-abuse problems that led to legal problems and resulted in the children being freed for adoption. Raleigh and Eve know that both biological parents are serving lengthy prison sentences, that their crimes occurred while they were under the influence of drugs, and that the children were severely neglected because of their biological parents’ drug abuse. They also know that the two youngest children tested positive for opiates at birth. Eve’s aunt told Eve and Raleigh that “apples don’t fall far from the tree” and that if they adopted the children they could count on a lifetime of chaos and grief and would ultimately visit the children either at the cemetery after they overdosed or in prison. She even predicted that if Eve and Raleigh had grandbabies born to the siblings, those grandchildren would likewise become addicted to drugs and wind up dead or in prison. Eve and Raleigh are committed to adopting the siblings and recognize that, although there is a genetic component to addiction, the environment also plays a role. Nonetheless, they are shaken by the vehemence of Eve’s aunt’s comments.

How might you describe the influence of genes on behavior to Eve and Raleigh thinking about our reading in Chapter 1?


Multicultural issues in Counseling and Human services

Unit 1.2 DB: Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

This discussion question has several parts, please be sure to respond to all prompts, this will optimize the class discussion.

  • Based upon the readings and resources, compare and contrast traditional counseling/clinical practice and culturally responsive counseling.
  • What are the therapeutic challenges a counselor might encounter with a client of a different race, culture, or ethnicity? What are the unique therapeutic issues that a counselor might encounter while working with a client who identifies with the same race, culture, or ethnicity?

Provide an example of a time when a person’s cultural background affected you or your work, and explain how you reacted then and what you would do differently today. How might that experience help you as a counseling student who will work with diverse clients?

In response to your peers: Students should expand upon the similarities and differences between traditional counseling and culturally responsive counseling, bringing forth new ideas and personal/professional examples to enhance the discussion. Additionally, students should offer suggestions of the actions a counselor can take to address the challenges of working with a client with a different and similar race, culture, or ethnicity.

Unit 1.1 DB: Development of Cultural Competence

It is important for counselors to be mindful that the development of cultural competence is a lifelong process, and that in the counseling relationship, both the client and counselor bring to the helping relationship their own worldview and experiences. Aside from coursework, what are two (2) additional ways you will continue to develop your cultural awareness and competence? Also, what do you think will be most challenging and rewarding for you as you develop your cultural competence?

In response to your peers: When responding to your class colleagues be sure to include a resource/training event/CEU that would be helpful in developing cultural competence.

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