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NA Management Amazon IT Concepts Question

NA Management Amazon IT Concepts Question


Discussion Question 1 –  

Compare and contrast data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Hands On: Creating Entity Relationship Diagrams with LucidChart 

Using LucidChart, complete the steps discussed in the hands-on section of chapter Databases and Data Warehouses, creating screen captures of your steps for your own reference. 

Discussion Question 2 – Applied Concepts (AC) – Week/Course Learning Outcomes

Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to one of the following scenarios:

As applied to your current professional career

As applied to enhancing, improving, or advancing your current professional career

As applied to a management, leadership, or any decision-making position

As applied to a current or future entrepreneurial endeavor


Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organization’s strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.

This is a learning and application exercise designed to give you an opportunity to apply concepts learned in a pragmatic and meaningful way that will enable you to gain valuable and relevant knowledge in an effort to augment your skill set and enhance your professional careers.


DQ (P) – Discussion Question 1 – (PDQ directed at upcoming PA) Graduate Level

Using the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN), JSTOR, or any other electronic journal database,  peer-reviewed articles that can be used to answer your  discussion should summarize the articles in such a way that it can justify any arguments and should be different from the abstract. In addition to your researched peer-reviewed article, you must include an example of the article researched as it is applied by industry (company, business entity, and so forth).

Please note: This article summary should not be the only article researched You may (and should) have several other . The concept of this question is to allow students to be proactive in the research necessary to complete this assignment.

Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.

*Hands-on Data Visualization Using Tableau

*Using Tableau, complete the steps discussed in the hands-on section of Chapter 4, creating screen captures of your steps. 

*Describe each step and when finished, explain how companies use data visualization software like Tableau and how you might use Tableau or similar data visualization software in the future.


Define and describe the components of an SQL database. 

Compare and contrast database server and database client software.


Hands-on: MongoDB Managed Service and MongoDB charts 

Using MongoDB, complete the steps discussed in the hands-on section of Chapter 7, creating screen captures of your steps. 

Describe each step and when finished, explain how a managed database service can simplify database deployment in the cloud, and when should a company choose to manage their own database server or use cloud-based services such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud platform?


  • What are the societal risks of data mining and big data related to discrimination and diversity? 
  • Briefly describe several common data validation techniques a data analyst might perform.


Hands-on: K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering in Excel Using Solver 

Use K-Means and Solver to perform Hierarchical Clustering. Complete the steps discussed in the hands-on section chapter 11, creating screen captures of your steps. Describe each step and when finished, explain why clustering is important and describe three common types of clustering. What are outliers and how should they be handled?


What are the data governance and ethical implications of data mining and analytics in business? 

What is Hadoop and HDFS? 

Name at least one company that uses Hadoop and describe how it is being used by that company.

*Hands-on: RapidMiner*

Using RapidMiner, complete the steps discussed in the hands-on section of chapter  Predictive Analytics. When finished, explain how companies can use a data science software platform like RapidMiner to discover patterns and relationships. Include a comparison of: 

Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics 

Two forms of predictive analytics classification and regression

Simple linear regression and multiple linear regression


Discussion Question 1 – Summary & Critical Thinking – Week/Course Learning Outcomes

how you would lead an organization (or a group of people within the organization) by applying the knowledge you have learned ethically and responsibly.  Your discussion should also include innovative thinking, and information-technology aspects (such as the Internet, social-media, computers, and so forth) that may assist you in decision-making. You may frame your discussion around any functional component of business, and in any context; problem-solving, management, leadership, organizational behavior, and so forth.

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