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NUR 600 Nurse Practitioners Responsibilities Discussion Replies

NUR 600 Nurse Practitioners Responsibilities Discussion Replies


Please construct a peer reply to the two following discussions. Each reply should be 150 words minimum and use at least 1 academic source where relevant.

Post 1: LP

Nurse practitioners have several responsibilities in prescribing medication therapy to assist patients improve their health. The role of the nurse practitioner in the prescribing process includes careful data collection by obtaining a history and physical. The advanced nurse practitioners formulate diagnoses and establish treatment plans while conducting the chosen drug therapy’s risk-benefit analysis. Nursing practitioners must understand the procedures required when exercising prescribed authority, regulated by the state in which they practice using drug samples. The nurse practitioner must also monitor for any adverse drug effects. Advanced nurse practitioners create treatment plans and ensure patient adherence to pharmacological treatment by adhering to product precautions. Additionally, they keep up with the latest developments in medication treatment options since previous factors have resulted in errors in prescribing, such as the lack of knowledge of the medication prescribed by the practitioner as well as a patient’s lack of understanding, leading to underuse, overuse, or misuse of the drug. Other factors to consider in decreasing medication errors or unwanted side effects are for the nurse practitioner to have information on patient allergies to medications and any herbal remedies used by the patient (Arcangelo, et al., 2017).

Nurse practitioners can prescribe any medication within the scope of competence of advanced nurse practitioners and are responsible for explaining treatment outcomes of the medicines, benefits, and risks. When drugs are changed, they should inform patients. The nurse practitioner is knowledgeable about improper medication ingestion and can communicate the repercussions of a medication overdose, medicine ingestion by children, and drug abuse to patients. Pregnant patients should be taught the risks of neonatal withdrawal by advanced nurse practitioners. A nurse practitioner reviews patients’ medications to ensure no interactions or drug sensitivity issues. To prescribe controlled substances safely and legally, physicians must also be familiar with the specific drugs they prefer and commonly prescribe. Variables the nurse practitioner must con Prescribe medication to patients include the client’s age, sex, race, culture, and weight. The prescribing practitioner must consider other diseases or conditions, other therapies, previous therapies, and pharmacogenomics (Arcangelo, et al., 2017).

The documentation of patient visits includes dose changes, medication alterations, associated justifications, and equivalency calculations. Each visit involves an evaluation of the patient’s pain, taking notes regarding the effectiveness of the medication, any unwanted effects, and the need for additional medication. Advanced nurse practitioners can prescribe medications for all illnesses within their scope of practice. Advance nurse practitioners are responsible for communicating the benefits, risks, and expected outcomes of the drug they prescribe to their patients. Almost all tasks are allowed to be performed by advanced nurse practitioners under the law. In the same way, that a physician can assess and diagnose a patient, they can also treat them. However, they only practice within a clearly defined scope of practice that their employers have approved. Prescribers must have the best knowledge of prescribing principles to prevent errors and develop safe, pertinent, and effective medication therapy. Several factors are essential when planning drug therapy, including product safeguards, prescription writing, patient compliance, and follow-up measures. Embracing one’s potential is critical for advanced nursing practice. It is a challenging job for nurse practitioners regardless of their work setting. The journey of change, growth, and evolution requires courage and commitment on the part of the individual (King et al., 2017).

Post 2: LR

Advanced Practice Nurse have evolved in the past couple of years. Increase demands to keep up with elderly individuals living longer has change the dynamics of healthcare practices. Advance Practice Nurses can provide care to individuals along with privileges to prescribe and give out orders like practicing clinicians. The advance practice nurse role in prescribing is giving the patient accessibility to care by a nursing professional without a medical professional present. The responsibilities an advanced practice nurse has in prescribing is to matter integrity and work within scope of practice.

Expanding on the role of an advanced practice nurse. The primary care Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a post graduate level Registered Nurse (doctoral). They can address all forms of nursing intervention weather it is related to individuals and populations, direct care, and management of care for individual patients and populations, administration of nursing and healthcare organizations, and the development and implementation of health policy (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O’Grady, 2013). Communicating these roles to other healthcare providers can be different depending on the setting. In most setting the NP are diagnosing and treating patient; the NP is serving as an ordering clinician. An APN is offering direct patient care in facilities, and they are in collaboration with the nursing staff and the medical doctors, they will be the midlevel clinician and/or supervisor of the nursing staff. Communicating these roles to consumers in any compacity or facility NP are Registered Nurses with doctoral education that will manage their care and APN are Registered Nurses with graduate education that will be managing their care both under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Responsibility for an advance practice nurse in prescribing. As prescribing nurse understanding vital facts about pharmacology is vital (Haririan, Seresht, Hassankhani, Porter, & Wytenbroek, 2022). As we realize that prescribing advance practice nurses help minimize the delay in care, we also know how knowledgeable nurses are in continuity of care especially when follow through of treatment. Having pharmacology knowledge and continuity of care practices will help prescribing nurse excel in marrying the responsibilities of medication management for their patients. Prior to the full implementation of APN prescribing physicians thought it to be beneficial for nurses to prescribe medication and treatment to their patient, leading and developing plan for improve health outcome physician already realized that nursing was heading in the direction of increased privilege to oversee patient healthcare practices (Haririan, Seresht, Hassankhani, Porter, & Wytenbroek, 2022).

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