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NUR 601 Healthy People 2020 Discussion Replies

NUR 601 Healthy People 2020 Discussion Replies


Please construct a peer reply to the two following discussions. Each reply should be 150 words minimum and use at least 1 academic source where relevant.

Post 1: LP

Healthy People 2020 is the path to a disease-free nation. The organization may also promote health awareness, treat diseases, and promote the rights of disabled people. By using the Initiative, nurses can plan health promotion programs that assess, treat, and provide advisory opinions to the people who receive their care in the community. To manage health problems, healthy people 2020 must be adopted. For an advanced nurse practitioner to promote health, it is crucial to consider clients’ concerns. Health care costs may be unaffordable for patients with severe health conditions. Healthcare professionals believe patients’ health needs should come before their ability to pay for health services. Instead of focusing on patients, the priority should be to treat them (Edelman & Mandle, 2018).

Through Healthy People 2020, groups were able to implement initiatives that improved their well-being in the early years of the new century. In this course, the emphasis is on understanding the health services provided to the elderly, managing chronic diseases and injuries that occur to the elderly, and caring for them. An essential aspect of nursing is the combination of talent, competence, experience, and attitude. Practicing nursing requires critical thinking skills and clinical judgment. Necessary critical thinking skills are essential to nursing because they assist you in gaining and interpreting scientific knowledge about diseases, nursing processes, evidence-based research, and the skills needed to practice nursing. The Initiative focuses on specific areas to improve health nationwide so that people can live longer, healthier lives without suffering from preventable diseases, disabilities, and injuries. Furthermore, some priorities for Healthy People 2020 may not cover the same interventions as others (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

Introducing Healthy People 2020, the federal government’s health objectives for the nation, we will examine some factors motivating the move to disease prevention and health promotion. In addition to applying these concepts to nursing actions in terms of ideals and pragmatics. Research and evidence will support these concepts and recommendations for future research. A nurse understands their crucial role in preventing disease and promoting health. Research is essential in understanding “healthy” and public health theory and epidemiology. Nursing practice depends heavily on studying health and illness in society (Edelman & Mandle, 2018).

The advanced nurse practitioner can identify potential threats posed to the community by evaluating and diagnosing diseases within a society. Most people in society are unaware of the conditions that affect them. The community could benefit by providing advice such as better hygiene measures, healthy diets, and regular exercise. Health promotion programs enable nurses to diagnose diseases early and treat them efficiently. As well as assisting with wheelchairs and other effective methods to help people lead healthier lives, the nurse can connect them with faith-based programs (Edelman & Mandle, 2018).

If a disease outbreak occurs, nurses can inform the public of safety precautions and where to seek treatment if someone is already infected. Delayed treatment of critical illnesses or urgent issues can lead to the patient’s death (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

Nurses can also improve patient health outcomes by collaborating with other healthcare professionals. Providing education and support to patients is another significant role and responsibility of an advanced practice nurse. Before proceeding, the health provider should consider alternative methods of helping the patient without demanding payment. Professionals in healthcare may discuss alternatives to paying for healthcare costs with patients without making them feel inadequate. In nursing, health and abilities are protected, promoted, and optimized through diagnosing and treating human responses. People, families, groups, communities, and populations benefit from preventing illnesses and injuries, facilitating healing, alleviating suffering, and advocating for them (Edelman & Mandle, 2018).

Post 2: MLM

Patients with Chronic conditions are more likely to have poor health status and, as a result, spend more money on treatment than healthy people. Severely unwell people are double as prone as the public at large to have bad days. Disabled people, like the chronically ill, have a lot of encounters with the healthcare system, yet they may have trouble getting care because of their handicap. Chronically ill and disabled people may experience additional difficulties in receiving care services. Immigrants in the population have different views and perspectives about healthcare regarding their cultural beliefs thus interfering with healthcare. The Native Americans share cultural traits such as being present-oriented and appreciating teamwork. Family and spiritual beliefs are very important to Native Americans. They think that a person is healthy if they live in complete harmony with nature. Illness is considered as a disequilibrium between the afflicted person and cosmic or paranormal forces, rather than a change in a person’s physiological response. A healer known as a shaman may be used by Native Americans hence interfering with healthcare administered in modern days. Certain civilizations, such as those from India and Pakistan, are hesitant to support a diagnosis of intense psychological disease or mental impairment since it significantly affects the likelihood of other family members marrying. Mystical beliefs are used to explain physical and psychological sickness in Vietnamese society. A harmonic equilibrium between polarities of hot and cold which drive bodily processes is seen as the source of health. Vietnamese people are resistant to Western psychological health therapy and procedures, especially when self- disclosure is required. However, if confidence has been established, it is reasonable to acknowledge aid.

Research by Edelman and Kudzama (2018) outlines that a nurse is tasked with observing, assessing, and speaking to patients thus this helps in recording the patients’ medical history through symptoms comparison in the patients’ medical health. The Indeed Editorial Team(2021) research defines that a nurse is also tasked with preparing patients for examinations and treatment. Fenstamacher and Hudson (2021) reveal in their book that after treatment, nurses administer medication and monitor the patients’ reactions to the medications by showing how to Conduct physical examination and diagnostic tests on the respective patients.

Studies conducted by Mcmillen and Philipsen (2019) indicate that-massive advancements in the medical profession are having an impact on how it works. Registered nurses must stay pace with technical advances including such big data, machine learning, and virtual tools regularly. Between service charge to significance care, billing methods have indeed changed. Furthermore, healthcare legislation is constantly changing, which can have an impact on how people finance healthcare and engage with their physicians. As a result, there is a thriving market for registered nurses who can effectively adjust to all of these developments and help healthcare centers and insurance maintain treatment costs as low as possible. This results in the low dependency on nurses thus causing low wages One of the many continuous obstacles in nursing has been long hours. Over time, this can leave nurses feeling drained. As a nurse practitioner stress and exhaustion both mental and physical can present as secondary challenges in nursing, leading to the potential for costly medical mistakes.

To cope up with these challenges, putting up with the new technological advancement will ensure that as nurses remain in business. In addition, the introduction of fewer hour shifts to interchange nurses to ensure they are not strained from long hours exhaustion.

The elderly and the young invalids are the most affected by health disparities because they cannot produce or maintain their health. Other reasons include lack of access to affordable health insurance coverage, barriers to enrollment in public programs, and patient-provider relations. In addition, low health literacy, which is associated with poverty, limited education, and lack of affordable health insurance.

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