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Prewriting and Developing an Effective Thesis Discussion

Prewriting and Developing an Effective Thesis Discussion


  1. Check the rubric to see how you will be graded.
  2. Choose a general topic for your paper.
    1. Example: Animal testing.
    2. You may use the topic you chose for 1.3 or a new one (from ProCon.Org or approved by your instructor).
  3. Use one of the five-prewriting methods from McGraw-Hill Connect® (2.1, 2.2, or 2.3), and include in your initial post what you already know about your chosen topic. (For instance, you may already know that live dogs and cats have been used for medical and makeup testing.)
  4. After reviewing sections 3.2, 3.3, and 6.1 in your textbook, include in your initial post a thesis statement that meets these requirements:
    1. Has the word “Thesis” right before it.
    2. Is one sentence long.
    3. Has a topic that is debatable, which means that people in their right minds can take opposite sides.
      1. Not Debatable: Pollution is bad for the environment.
      2. Debatable: The best way to get rid of pollution is by eliminating all cars.
    4. Has a focus that is narrow enough to be covered in 5-7 pages:
      1. Too Broad: The Constitution does not allow the government to place any controls on guns.
      2. Narrow Enough: The Second Amendment does not allow the government to place any controls on semi-automatic rifles.
    5. Consider using this format: Topic should/should not verb because reason. This would be an example of a debatable, narrowly focused thesis using this format: The federal ban on semi-automatic rifles should be overturned because it violates the Second Amendment.
    6. The main point/claim of your thesis should be one of these types:
      1. Claim of Fact or Definition:
        • Discuss whether something is really a fact.
        • Discuss whether the way most people would define something is the correct way.
        • Example: Drug addiction should be defined as a disease, rather than a personal weakness.
      2. Claim of Cause and Effect:
        • Discuss whether one person, group, thing, or event caused another.
        • Warning: Cause and effect claims are more difficult to prove than other kinds.
        • Example: National student loan policies have caused the quick growth of the cost of a college education.
      3. Claim of Value:
        • Discuss whether something is worth more or less than people usually think.
        • Example: A woman’s right to privately chose an abortion is less valuable than an unborn child’s life.
      4. Claim of Policy or Solution:
        • Discuss whether you are for or against a specific policy or a specific solution to a problem.
        • Example: Rather than creating policies that encourage four-year degrees, we should pass policies that make it easier to go to two-year colleges, technical schools, and trade schools.
  5. By the end of the workshop, respond to at least two of your classmates in all of these ways:
    1. Name the type of claim that your classmates make in their thesis statements (claim of fact, cause, value, or policy/solution).
    2. Say whether your classmate’s topic debatable? If not, how might it be changed so that the topic would be debatable?
    3. Tell your classmates a way they could narrow the focus of their thesis and/or make their thesis more specific.
    4. Tell your classmates whether you see any spelling, grammar, or punctuation problems in their thesis. (If so, tell them which ones.)

    Discussions for comments: 1. Thesis: Depression is a rapidly growing, heavily untreated, and ignored taboo subject in today’s society that deserves more attention than it receives.

    • It is the leading cause of disability worldwide; In America alone, approximately 21 million people suffer from depression.
    • It can severely impact one’s ability to function in day-to-day life, have a heavy impact on our relationships and lead to other health issues and even suicide.
    • It can be a struggle to express how one feels and to feel like they are being taken seriously, which leads to all the emotions being bottled up and ignored.
    • While there are effective treatments for depression, it is not always easily accessible or affordable, especially for low-income families.
    • In cases of probation/incarceration, there is little to no treatment available.
    • Many physicians are not properly trained on how to handle mental health

    2.Thesis- Prescription drug prices should be controlled by the government to ensure that they are reasonable for all citizens.

    • Many Americans are unable to get the care they need due to the skyrocketing expense of prescription medications, which has been on the rise for years. It’s a concern because people’s health deteriorates when they can’t afford the medications they require.
    • All residents should have access to affordable health care, and the government should shield people against predatory or dishonest businesses.
    • The government can utilize its regulatory authority to safeguard the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs, as well as to incentivize the development of new and improved medications by pharmaceutical firms.

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