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RC Cyber Security Company Active Attack Paper

RC Cyber Security Company Active Attack Paper


You have just been hired by the cyber security company Active Attack. This company is known for using a variety of methods to assist its clients with their security concerns. They show a great amount of enthusiasm and camaraderie when interfacing with the clients, and they work to the best of their abilities to meet their clients’ needs.

The company can handle challenges in the fields of cryptanalysis, physical counter-measures, physical penetration, software, social engineering, traffic analysis, and server configuration.


Your boss has given you four projects in several areas of your expertise that they need you to complete for your next raise. Make sure you answer all questions in complete sentences and explain your reasoning.

Project #1

Your boss needs you to look into the Employee Directory.

. He needs you to put your name in the Employee Directory, along with your primary and secondary specialty. After you have added yourself, he needs you to answer the following questions based on the following sets:  C? = {employees who specialize in physical counter-measures},  S? = {employees who specialize in traffic analysis}, and  T? = {employees who specialize in software}.What is the set  C intersection T?? Write this set as a list of employee names and explain what it represents.

Is the map from employees to primary specialties a function? If it is a function, is this function one-to-one, onto, or both?

Create a Venn diagram for the sets  C comma S? and  T? . Which parts of the Venn diagram would represent the union of all three sets? Which parts of the Venn diagram represent the intersection of all three sets? What do they represent in plain English?

Attack Active wants to form a three-member committee to look into expanding its specialties into cryptocurrencies. How many ways are there to form a three-member committee from the employee directory above?

If the committee will have a Chairman, a General Secretary, and a Research Analyst, how many ways are there to form a three-member committee if each position is held by a different member of the committee?

How many ways are there to form a non-empty committee of any size from the employee directory?

Create a graph of all employees. Let the vertices of the graph be represented by each employee. If they share a specialty, draw an edge to connect them and label the edge with the name of their shared specialty. Is this graph a complete graph? Explain why or why not. What are the degrees of each vertex? Are you able to create an Euler path or circuit on this graph? If so, provide an example. If not, explain why not.

Project #2

You are put in charge of a new client, The Lucas Corporation. They require your help in several areas. Make sure to help them answer all of their concerns.

They have noticed a growing number physical penetration attempts over the last few months. The number of attempts from January to June includes 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16 respectively. From this pattern, Lucas Corporation expects that each month, the number of threats will be the three more than the number of attacks in the previous month. What is a recurrence relation that describes the number of attacks each month? How many attacks are expected in November?

  1. They require software specialty support 40% of the time, the server configuration specialty 15% of the time, and both software and server configuration 10% of the time. What percent of the time will they require either the software or the server configuration specialties?

Active Attack needs to decide if they will take a job from The Lucas Corporation. The job requires $10,000 of research from Active Attack before they can start the task. The company expects that it has a 30% chance completing the task without failure. If Active Attack will earn $125,000 for completing the task and nothing for failing to complete the task, what is the expected value of the problem? What is the variance?

Project #3

Your boss also specializes as a logician, and he is concerned about various slogans around the office. The slogans in question are:

“If we have brea

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