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SNHU Business Southwest Airlines Paper

SNHU Business Southwest Airlines Paper


Several companies are known for linking their values and HR practices in ways that have led to business success as well as employee satisfaction. These companies include:

Southwest Airlines (

Cisco Systems (

Men’s Wearhouse (

Steelcase (


  • Choose one of these companies’ websites and perform an organizational needs analysis. Read about the company’s values and vision; look for statements about the importance of training and personal development. Is training important in the company? Why or why not? Provide supporting evidence from the website.


Peer reply #1Sara Rivera posted Sep 8, 2022 6:29 PMSubscribePrevious Next This page automatically marks posts as read as you scroll.Adjust automatic marking as read settingHello Class,I choose to assess Southwest Airlines:Southwest Airlines recognizes, respects, and values differences.  “We hire for attitude and train for skill” ( is one of their values in employee recruitment, training, and retention.  The goals of the company are hiring practices, increasing diversity in senior leadership among others. “To maximize employee’s motivation to learn in training programs, managers and trainers need to understand these factors prior to sending employees to training” (Noe, 2020).The company provides an excellent program for training and development. It is important for the company to be successful as a business, and for that reason, they focus on an intensive and effective training program that the employees develop their skills to be part of the learning management strategy. Southwest focus on the employee first to make sure they have opportunities to learn and grow within the company.Southwest Airlines recognizes, respects, and values differences. By fostering a culture that embraces and utilizes our diversity, we create competitive advantages in Teamwork and innovation that contribute to our overall success. Inclusion is part of how our Company willbecome the most loved, most efficient, and most profitable airline in the world. When we show up to work each day, we bring close to 60,000 different thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences with us (Culture, 2018).Southwest Airlines has a leader development program called ELDP Emerging Leader Development Program.  This is a job rotational program that seeks to train and develop excellent leaders for southwest airlines (  The rotational program includes, customer service supervisor II, ramp supervisor, provisioning supervisor, and customer support & services supervisor.Southwest Culture:Our Purpose: Connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel.Our Vision: To become the World’s Most Loved, Most Flown, and Most Profitable Airline.Values:Me, How I show upWe, how we treat each other  Southwest, How southwest succeedTraining their employees is important for Southwest Airlines as they see a correlation between well trained and developed employees and a successful business. Happy motivated employees lead to great customer service, which results in happy customers which is good for business.References:Culture. (2018). Retrieved from Leader Development Program https://www.southwest.comNoe, R. (2020). Employee Training and Development (8th ed).  New York, NY: McGraw HillOur People and Culture. (n.d.). Southwest Airlines reply #2Kayla Richardson posted Sep 8, 2022 3:54 PMSubscribeHi everyone!For this discussion post, I will be focusing on Southwest Airlines. According to Noe (2020), “Organizational analysis involves identifying whether training supports the company’s strategic direction” (Noe, 2020). Training is important as it can increase employee performance and improve the culture of the company. The strategic direction for Southwest Airlines regarding its employees is to “provide a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth” (Southwest Airlines, 2016). For a company like Southwest Airlines, training their employees is beneficial as they are providing a service. According to Southwest Airlines, “We’re committed to quality training and development that drives progress and change, better retention, and sets Employees up for success” (Our People and Culture: Southwest, n.d.). This shows that Southwest values providing training for their employees that equips them for organizational change that may occur with the progression of the company. Although Southwest states that they value employee training and development, they do not explain what that would look like for new hires. Training is important to Southwest Airlines because it teaches employees about the culture of the organization. Southwest Airlines Vice President of Talent & Leadership Development stated that during the “Now Onboarding” onboarding class, new hires are greeted on a red carpet by current employees who encourage and cheer them on (Hardage, 2022). This shows that teamwork and welcoming new hires by giving them a pep rally is a part of company culture. Diversity and Inclusion are also valued on the Southwest Airlines webpage. “By fostering a Culture that embraces and utilizes our diversity, we create competitive, yet equitable, advantages that contribute to our overall success” (Our People and Culture: Southwest, n.d.). With this vision, Southwest is creating an environment that uses diversity to its advantage. As an international airline, Southwest employees will come in contact with international passengers.  Southwest must employ diverse individuals to provide a high grade of customer service. After reviewing the Southwest Airlines website, I think it would be beneficial for Southwest to go into further detail about their training efforts for their employees. Company training resources should be explained and the company should give insight into their investments to ensure their employees get the highest quality of training.  ReferencesHardage, G. (2022). Training & Development the Southwest Way: An Interview With Kristi Owens. LinkedIn., R. (2020). Employee training and development (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-HillOur People and Culture. (n.d.). Southwest Airlines. Airlines. (2016). About Southwest – Southwest Airlines.

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