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University of Phoenix Organizational Performance Presentation

University of Phoenix Organizational Performance Presentation


Continue your work on the innovation you selected in Wk 1. This week you start scanning and researching the industry your product or service fits in. Companies I would like to cover: United States Postal Service, Fed X, UPS

Create an analysis of organizational performance of the competitors for your innovation, including detailed speaker notes.
Research financial statements or annual reports of 2 or 3 companies in the same or comparable industry. Examine their business models and see if you can identify strategies these companies use to achieve their business objectives.
Analyze the companies and describe what you learned about their organizational performance. Consider the following questions in your analysis:

  1. How do they earn revenue?

How do their products or services get to their customers?

How do they acquire their customers?

Why is their product or service valuable to their customers?

Evaluate how your research applies to your innovation. What lessons can you apply to your own innovation? How does your organizational analysis relate to the development of a strategy to bring your innovation to market?


The United States Postal Service was founded July 1, 1971, and has been running for fifty-one years. Over the years they have expanded their services from just being a mail delivery service to being a global delivery service that supplies postal stamps, delivering first class, second class and third-class mail and delivering Amazon to customers all over the world.  “The Postal Service is always striving to increase the impact, excitement, and value of mail. We have always embraced modern technologies and innovation. We are firmly focused on improving the mailing experience. People, machines, vehicles, technology — it is an impressive feat to get that card from grandma or that package from your favorite online store to your doorstep.” (Postal facts) The innovative product that I will be discussing is an innovative technological component in which the Postal service considers it to be a system at work. Management and postal employees created the idea and the technical department created equipment that made their ideas a reality. Before the modernized equipment was created to make the job of sorting and processing mail easier everything was manually sorted which took longer and was more strenuous. These technological innovations are necessary and imperative to the Postal service, and they ensure that the people of the world receive their mail in a prompt and proficient way.  The postal service uses over 8500 pieces of automated equipment that processes and sorts the world’s mail. “The daily operations performed by the Postal Service depend on an astonishing network of people and technologies that collect, transport, process and deliver the nation’s mail. (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”) The Postal Service operates hundreds of mail processing and distribution centers / plants across the country. The employees in these facilities accept, sort and dispatch the nations mail. (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”) To move mail using surface transportation, the Postal Service drove more than 2.07 billion miles (about 3331342080 km) in 2021 — more than 45,000 trips in more than 25,000 box trucks and tractor-trailers daily. To move mail through the air, the Postal Service flies 5 million pounds of mail per day, using more than 140 domestic airports. “The Music City Annex in Nashville, TN, built in 2019, is the newest mail processing facility.” (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”) The Los Angeles CA Processing and Distribution center is the largest processing facility at 725 million square feet (about twice the area of Chicago O’Hare airport). The Postal Service deployed four electric yard tractors at the Richmond, CA, processing center in 2019. These tractors are used to move trailers around postal property. (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”) The Postal Service is the world leader in optical character recognition (OCR) technology, with machines reading 98 percent of all hand-addressed letters and 99.5 percent of machine-printed mail. The Postal Service has deployed 378 automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in 27 facilities. AGVs use sensors and navigation technology to move around processing facilities without human involvement. The Postal Service has one of the largest material-handling systems in the world for moving mail. There are more than 200 miles of conveyors within postal facilities. (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”) “The Postal Service has the largest gantry robotic fleet in the world using 165 robotics systems to move 300,000 mail trays per day.” (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”) The Postal Service operates more than 8,500 pieces of automated equipment that processes and sorts half the world’s mail. The largest piece of automated equipment, the Enhanced Package Processing System (EPPS), sorts of packages at 25,000 pieces per hour The Flex Rover Sorter (FRS) is a wheeled robot that sorts large and non-machinable packages into containers. There are more than 600 rovers deployed at 40 sites across the country. The Single Induction Package Sorter (SIPS) is the newest piece of automated equipment (tied with the FRS). It can sort packages at a rate of 2,500 pieces per hour and there are 51 new machines across the country. The Automated Delivery Unit Sorter (ADUS) sorts packages and bundles of mail at a rate of 3,400 pieces per hour with a sort accuracy of 99.95 percent The Robotic Containerization System (RCS) sorts trays and automatically loads rolling containers or pallets The Advanced Facer Canceller System (AFCS) positions letter mail and postmarks stamps at 36,000 pieces per hour The Delivery Barcode Sorter (DBCS) reads the barcodes and sorts letters at 36,000 pieces per hour The Automated Flat Sorting Machine (AFSM) sorts flat mail at 17,000 pieces per hour The Automated Package Processing System (APPS) sorts packages and bundles of mail at 9,500 pieces per hour The High Throughput Parcel Sorter (HTPS) sorts packages and bundles at 15,000 pieces per hour The Automated Parcel and Bundle Sorter (ABPS) sorts packages and bundles of mail at 6,000 pieces per hour Tray sorting machines sort more than 10 million trays per day through conveyor systems Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs) supply real-time scanning for daily delivery operations. There are more than 260,000 MDDs in use nationwide. (Postal facts)  References  (“Innovation in the mail | Postal Facts – U.S. Postal Service”)


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