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University of the Cumberlands Computer Science Discussion

University of the Cumberlands Computer Science Discussion


peer to peer response with answer 1 100 words and answer 2 100 words

Answer 1:

One of the organizations with a data analytics use case is Facebook. Facebook has different features like uploading posts, photos, videos, etc., and users can react, share, and save those uploaded content. Moreover, many more features will help identify user interactions, engagement, and time spent browsing or interacting with any specific activity on Facebook. Users will check in about their travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. The user will upload pictures of newly purchased things. This information can be helpful to shopkeepers to find out what items has more demand and what is in trend, which will increase their business. All this information will help Facebook to find and recommend the relevant content to the users. It will help find the relevant ads to show to the users, and users watching those ads or making purchases will help the company to make more money. “Big Data Analytics What it is and why it matters” (n.d) says data analytics helps the organization reduce cost, make better and faster decisions, and develop and market new products and services.

While there are many benefits, there are challenges to maintaining the quality of data to comply with the domestic and international laws governing the use of data (Naganathan, 2018). The decision and analysis done using poor-quality data might cause time wastage, increase the cost, and even lose sales. As there will be a massive amount of data that can also be unstructured, capturing, transforming, integrating, and analyzing that data will be challenging.


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Naganathan, V. (2018). Comparative analysis of big data, big data analytics: Challenges and Trends. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), 05(05), 1948-1964

Answer 2:


With the understanding that modern business environments involve the collection and storage of vast volumes of data, there is a need to embrace various analytical technologies and practices to ensure the effective use of such data. At the moment, there are numerous firms, both local and on a global scale, which have embraced data analytics as the foundations of their operational practices. Such a notable firm includes Tesco. It is a United Kingdom-based firm that primarily deals with groceries. The company has adopted and deployed data analytics practices in its sales and marketing activities. For example, clients are rewarded for each purchase through the points earned during their transactions (Nastasoiu & Vandenbosch, 2019). Thus, through data analytics, the company deploys such loyalty programs as part of marketing the entice and attract more customers. Therefore, from the sales and marketing use of data analytics in Tesco company, there are various benefits that firms experience when they embrace the concept, including the following.

First, data analytics, business organizations have platforms to develop their marketing strategies that rely on the data. For example, the data on clients’ transactions and performances are collected and proceeds to provide critical insights based on their purchasing trends that form the firm on the best distribution channels. Second, to attract more customers, data analytics offers forms that effectively analyze their customer service delivery practices (Grover & Kar, 2017). From that, they can formulate reward programs for their loyal customers, which means they can keep them for long, considering the stiff competition in the market. Third, with data analytics, companies can analyze their historical data on their core operations and predict them based on their performance. Finally, data analytics forms critical to an organization’s brand awareness campaigns and efforts to take their operations on a global scale.


Grover, P., & Kar, A. K. (2017). Big data analytics: A review on theoretical contributions and tools used in literature. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 18(3), 203-229.

Nastasoiu, A., & Vandenbosch, M. (2019). Competing with loyalty: How to design successful customer loyalty reward programs. Business Horizons, 62(2), 207-214.

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