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UOP Data Warehouse Analysis Paper

UOP Data Warehouse Analysis Paper


Data Warehouse Analysis Presentation

[WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

Read the Transformative Health System (THS) case study Edit                            Download Transformative Health System (THS) case study              .

Read Chapters 5, 9, and 12 of Systems Analysis and Design.

Read the Developing Visual Thinking in the Electronic Health Record (Links to an external site.)

Read the Business Intelligence (BI) System Evolution: A Case in a Healthcare Institution (Links to an external site.) article.

Read the Datawarehouse Design for Educational Data Mining (Links to an external site.) article.

Read the Dissecting  Genetic Factors Affecting Phenylephrine Infusion Rates During  Anesthesia: A Genome-Wide Association Study Employing EHR Data (Links to an external site.) article.

Read the Rapidly Deployable IoT Architecture with Data Security: Implementation and Experimental Evaluation (Links to an external site.) article.

Read the Using Business Intelligence to Bring Financial Challenges Into Focus (Links to an external site.) article.

Visit the Breach Portal: Notice to the Secretary of HHS Breach of Unsecured Protected Health Information (Links to an external site.)

Visit the Data Warehousing (Links to an external site.)

Visit the Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ended January 14, 2020 (Links to an external site.)

Visit The Security Rule (Links to an external site.)

Transformative  Health System (THS) currently has a functioning clinical data  repository. In addition, there is an effort to increase the amount of  financial data in that repository. The IT team is currently working with  a group of data governance leaders to define a more specific data  warehouse strategy for THS that will support their evolving Care2U  company strategy. This includes developing a more thorough list of the  clinical and administrative applications that must feed data into an  active data warehouse. Knowing that not all data can be imported into  the warehouse, the end-user group is working on the importance of  specific fields from specific applications that will be needed in the  data warehouse. In addition to developing the data warehouse, the  committee is working on the deployment of a business intelligence  application that will allow end users of the data warehouse to do  queries and have direct access to visual representations of critical  business data. Your challenge as the IT team leader is to put together  an executive-level strategy for the evolution of the data warehouse and  business intelligence visualization application.

In your presentation, include the following sections:

  • Section 1: THS Data Warehouse Feeder Applications

Develop a list of the clinical applications that feed data into the THS data warehouse.

Develop a list of the administrative applications that feed data into the THS data warehouse.

  • Outline the role of the consumer portal in the THS data warehouse.

Section 2: THS and Business Intelligence Functions

Articulate  a list of end user functional requirements to be included in the menu  of the THS data warehouse business intelligence application.

  • Discuss  at least two end user stakeholder roles who will use the data warehouse  business intelligence application most frequently.

Compose a sample of the type of business information that the selected end user roles would extract from the THS data warehouse.

Describe how visualization would play a role for the revenue cycle director of THS as an end user of the THS data warehouse.

  • Section 3: Data Warehouse System Architecture

Compose  a system architecture diagram showing the following elements of the  data warehouse and end user business intelligence applications for THS:  data servers, web servers, web standards, network topography, and device  connectivity.

Develop a list of internal administrative and/or  clinical end user stakeholders who will utilize the business  intelligence applications that are part of the THS data warehouse.

  • Explain  two specific business strategies important to THS that are directly  supported by the utilization of information from the data warehouse.

Compose a script for your presentation to submit in addition to the presentation.

See the instructions below for more information on creating the script.

  • Presentation Best Practices

Use visuals that will keep your audience engaged and interested.

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