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USF Quantile Oriented Global Sensitivity Analysis of Design Resistance Template

USF Quantile Oriented Global Sensitivity Analysis of Design Resistance Template


My major is Civil engineering so all sources and questions have to be related to the major. there is a templete you have to flow and example for the assignment.

for this assignment, you will complete elements below using the assignment template Download assignment template. The work will be discussed in the next workshop after which you will incorporate them into your final assignment. Before starting this work read the assignment description and elements, think about how to professionally persuade your assigned audience of the designated purpose of the document.

Element 2: The Use of Statistics In [Your Field] * – You may work with your assigned group and others in your major on this part of the assignment.

Review the Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Computer Science Download Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Computer Sciencearticle and resources to develop an understanding of the ways in which your field/major*** uses probability and statistics in the work done. Select 3 applications or tasks that are relevant to your field to research in more detail. To write this well you will need at least one source that helps you identify tasks that are accomplished using probability and statistics in your field, sources to help you describe the tasks, and sources to help you describe how probability and/or statistics are used to enable accomplishing the task. These sources should provide you with information that will allow you to develop 3 clearly presented examples of how probability and statistics are used in your field.

  • You must use** a minimum of 4 cited sources for this section. However, you must also have sources to support what you say, which may require you to use additional sources.

*The Use of brackets indicates that you will replace the brackets and the words inside with ones that are appropriate to you and your work.

**Using a source means that you are synthesizing the ideas from the work of another into the original ideas you are putting forward in your work. You will have at least one in-text citation and reference list item using APA formatting for each source. Adding sources to the reference list without an in-text citation will result in no credit for that source.

***This section of the assignment has one required source. A minimum of three sources are required for this section which may come from the resources list or other CREDIBLE sources. Wikipedia may not be used as a source BUT its reference lists may be checked for credible sources.

****USF College of Engineering Majors are departments or major topic areas in departments, they include: Biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, computer science, computer engineering, cybersecurity, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering

Work to Submit. Complete all of the required information for each source you will use.

Element 3: Probability and Statistics Literacy will Enhance Your Employability.

For this section you will review the data attached, determine the statistical parameters that are important for your argument in the data and present the data in a table.

Work to Submit: For this part of the assignment, you will complete the following for both required sources:

  • Two ways in which you will analyze the data to support the argument you will make.
  • A draft of the table
  • APA formatted in-text citations, and reference list item.

Data Download Data Download –read and summarize the data from all tabs of the excel file provided for your table and use in your argument. You must download the data file, it is not readable online.

Element 3: Reference List (You may work with your assigned groups to complete the reference list.)

Work to Submit: Using the reference list items from above and any extra sources you plan to use, create an APA formatted reference list. You will have a minimum of 4 sources. It is important that your reference listings have the correct information, in the correct order, and that the items and list are formatted correctly. For the reference section, make sure the listings are alphabetized so they can be easily found. Use the APA formatting resources in your reading to help you with this. BEWARE: citation generators are often wrong; you can start with them BUT must revise any that are incorrect.

Element 4: Appealing to your Audience

For this section you will

  1. Think about and describe a significant, shared aspirational goal or goals of young professionals entering the field. In the example you will see for architecture students this is to design iconic buildings.
  2. Develop a thesis statement

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