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CJA 474 University of Phoenix Socialization Process Stages Presentation

CJA 474 University of Phoenix Socialization Process Stages Presentation

Assignment #

  1. Read the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Units case study starting on p. 335, Ch. 11 of Criminal Justice Organizations. Note: Access the case study via the Criminal Justice Organizations Case Study link in the Wk 4 Learning Activities folder.
    Week 4 teaches CJ students about key People-Management knowledge skills such as conflict resolution, handling confrontation, and how cultural differences play roles in occupational socialization, and how the team works together to meet the mission
    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper answering the questions at the end of the case study. Emphasize strategies that could have prevented much of the conflict that occurred in the scenario. Use the questions in “Think like an Administrator” on p. 337 for possible topics to cover.
    Write answers to the following case study questions in the form of a full narrative-style paper; do not just answer questions. This paper and all papers require research in all topics each and every week, even if the paper is a case study, and must meet minimum Research Standards.
    CASE STUDY QUESTIONS1. What type of conflict is described in the case study?2. Multi-jurisdictional drug units are common across the country. What issues should be discussed and by whom before such a unit is created? How much of the impetus for the creation of these units can be attributed to increased federal funding and the irrational fear of drugs?3. Suggest ways in which the conflict described in this case study could have been managed more effectively. Should the unit have ever existed?
    Remember to write a strong introduction and strong conclusion paragraphs. Also, be sure you use the correct case study questions for the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Unit case study.



    1. In leadership roles, it is important that when presented with a situation, you are able to determine if you can delegate work to others. If you empower employees to be critical thinkers and make decisions, they will show that they are capable of learning more and taking on more responsibility. In this assignment, you will review a few scenarios and discuss the possible outcomes.
      Complete the Empowerment and Delegation assignment.
      Download the Empowerment and Delegation assignment instruction sheet above and follow the instructions as written. You will be graded on following instructions, your proper writing, and using critical thinking in your writing and context.
      Organize and submit 2 PARTS for your Assignment, in 2 separate papers, in the following manner:

      • PART-1: Analysis of individual empowerment and delegation scenarios.
      • PART-2: Empowerment and Delegation narrative paper.


      Assignment #3

      Team Assignment ContentWeek 4 teaches CJ students about key People-Management knowledge skills such as conflict resolution, handling confrontation, and how cultural differences play roles in occupational socialization, and how the team works together to meet the missionThink about the first time you entered the workplace. Each workplace has a different feel and levels of supervision. Criminal justice organizations have unique challenges related to socialization.1. Research socialization within criminal justice organizations.2. Discuss with your team your research and provide some strategies to aid the socialization process.3. Compare strategies for socialization used by team members’ organizations. Use this discussion in the assignment.Then for your Assignment, develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:1. Identify the socialization process, stages, and models of influence.2. Identify problems in the socialization process, including issues in police agencies, correctional agencies, and community expectations.3. Describe strategies for socialization, including those used in team members’ organizations.Make each of the 3 assignment topics above a Level 1 Slide Heading in your presentation so your key points are easy to find. Remember to write a strong introduction slide and a strong conclusion slide, both using bullets, not paragraph narrative. See the attached PowerPoint scoring rubric to understand what areas are scored on a presentation.

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