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Harvard University Music in Films Multiple Choice Questions

Harvard University Music in Films Multiple Choice Questions

Hello, I need your help answering these 50 multiple choice questions, i will provide chapter (1-6) pages that has the answeres, thank you i really appreciate that

1. During the 1920’s,the motion picture industry had to compete with radio.

  1. True
  2. False

2. Moving pictures were first shown to the publicin locations such as nudist camps, caves, and cattle stockyards.


A. True

B. False

3. Productionsound is the name of the actual sounds recorded on the set as the scene isbeing filmed.

  1. True
  2. False

4. Wementioned that a famous film composer has been very successful without beingable to read music. His name was:

A. John Williams

B. Hugo Blowdorn

C. Hans Zimmer

D. Peter Hechenbrokurstcollingford

E. None ofthe above.

5. One of the advantages of the new art form ofcinema was its ability to record history for future generations.

  1. True
  2. False

6. What is the name of the version of a film thathas no intention of further editing?

  1. Roughcut
  2. Primecut
  3. Eyeballcut
  4. KingTut cut
  5. Fineor locked cut

7. Prior to THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, most movieswere no more than a short film clip seen inside a device known as a_______________?

  1. Cinephone
  2. Cinemaphone
  3. Filmaphone
  4. Kinetoscope
  5. Noneof the above.

8. The use of what technique helps to provide unity or coherence to a story within afilm?

  1. Usinga “package deal.”
  2. Usingbreakdown notes.
  3. Usinga streamer board.
  4. Usinga leitmotif.
  5. Allof the above.

9.Allfilmmakers were happy to see sound added to their films in the early days ofsynchronized sound in the late 1920s.

  1. True
  2. False

10. The “roughcut” is a version of the film that might be within five to fifteen minutes ofthe film’s final length.

A. True

B. False

11. BLACKMAIL was originally released in three different versions.

A. True

B. False

12. Most film composers working today have about3-6 months to compose and record ascore for a film.

A. True

B. False

13. When a filmmaker wants to use source musicfrom a commercial recording such as a famous pop singer, who usually clears therights to re-use this music in the film?

A. Thedirector

B. Theproducer

C. Themusic copyist

D. Theproduction assistant

E. Noneof the above.

14. Cue sheets were placed inside thecans of film during the “silent days”. These cue sheets were suggested listingsof music that could be played in the theaters to accompany the silent images.

A. True

B. False

15. If an actor or actresses has to be called backin to re-do their dialogue track, what technique will be used?

A. Underscoring

B. Looping

C. Setrecording

D. Standardrecording

E. Playbackrecording

16. Which of the following is NOT a function of film scoring?

  1. Toreflect emotion.
  2. Toparallel the action.
  3. Toshine your shoes.
  4. Touse as source music.
  5. Toplay against the action.

17. What type of music helps with the overallambience of a film and helps to set the tone of the movie?

A. Endcredit music

B. Linearmusic

C. Streamermusic

D. Maintitle music

E. Allof the above

18. Which famous silent film had some scandalconnected to its production and had to move from Italyback to the United States?

A. TheBirth of a Nation

B. TheGreat Train Robbery

C. TheFall of the Roman Empire

D. Ben-Hur

E. Gladiator

19. To “Mickey Mouse the action” means to parallelthe action.

A. True

B. False

20. What is another name for “borrowingpre-recorded music for a film?”

A. Tracking.

B. Theclick tract method.

C. Wildrecording.

D. Thepunch and steamer method.

E. TheSMPTE sync pulse time code method.

21. Some movie theaters built during the earlydecades of the development of cinema could actually hold more than 6,000people.

A. True

B. False

22. What does ADR stand for?

A. Thisis a term that stands for automatedor automatic dialogue replacement andit is used in post-production to replace the inferior production sound.

B. ADRstands for Allen Douglas Ruggleshausen, the inventor of the movie projector.

C. Thisis a reference to a method of acting done in Belgiumand Hollandduring the early days of motion pictures.

D. Itis used by anyone who does lighting for a motion picture.

E. ADRare the initials for the inventor of the popcorn machine used in movietheaters.

23. What is the significance of THE LIGHTS OF NEWYORK?

A. It’sthe first sound film to use music.

B. It’sthe first all-talking sound feature film.

C. It’sthe first feature film to contain some dialogue, but is basically a silentfilm.

D. It’sthe first sound film made in England.

E. Noneof the above.

24. Sam Warner, one of the Warner Brothers, wasmore excited about using the new sound process to feature music instead ofhearing the actors talk.

A. True

B. False

25. Microphones were always adequate in recording the music of early sound films, butwere not successful in recording the actor’s voices.

A. True

B. False

26. According to what we said in the classlecture, when sound came in to cinema and now you could hear actors talking,what happened to some of the silent film stars?

A. Somebecame frustrated and decided to enter the monastery to become monks so youcould no longer hear their voices.

B. Manyturned to the auto industry and made cars in Detroit because the loud machinerywould cover up their voices when they spoke to someone..

C.Several silent stars killed the filmmakers because now their careers wereruined.

D. Acouple of the silent stars committed suicide because the audience laughed atthe sound of their voices.

E. Noneof the above.

27. Original scores appeared first in what country?

A. Germany

B. England

C. France

D. America

E. Italy

28. Who is generally regarded as the single mostimportant figure in the history of American film?

A. EdwinS. Porter

B. Busby Berkrley

C. FredNiblo

D. AlfredHitchcock

E. D.W. Griffith

29. Who is the captainin charge at the final mixing (dubbing) session?

A. Dialoguemixer

B. Soundeffects mixer

C. Foleyartist

D. Sounddesigner

E. Musicmixer

30. Wildrecording is used in the least expensive productions.

A. True

B. False

31. The roomtone is a special recording that you purchase from a software company.

A. True

B. False

32. The click track method is no longer used inthe studios to synchronize the music to the picture because it is not veryeffective and it causes most film composers to have heart attacks.

A. True

B. False

33. Which of the following is NOT used fordeveloping the concept for the score?

A. Considerthe period of history of the movie.

B. Lookat the location and ethnic background of the movie.

C. Lookat the film’s overall dramatic theme.

D. Checkthe public domain of the songs used.

E. Lookat the major character or characters of the film.

34. Which is the longest version of a film?

A. Thetheatrical cut

B. Therough cut

C. Theassembly cut

D. Thedirector’s cut

E. Thefine cut

35. Most producers and directors are very skilledin music and can intelligently discuss with the composer how music should beused within their films.

A. True

B. False

36. In this business it doesn’t matter who youknow but how much talent and know-how you possess.

A. True

B. False

37. The primary music copyist at a scoring sessionis known as the “booth person.”

A. True

B. False

38. Alex North had his score for what movierejected?

A. TheExorcist

B. Platoon

C. Poltergeist

D. 2001A Space Odyssey

E. Rapa Nui

39. Busby Berkeleyhelped to spark a revival of horrormovies at a time when they were going out of fashion.

A. True

B. False

40. The first great dramatic movie score came fromthe year 1933. The movie which contained this score by Max Steiner was called_________________.

A.My Back is Killing Me

B.You Have An Unusual Face

C.Look At That Dog’s Fleas


E.King Kong

41. The best kind of director will not discussmusic and will rely totally on the know-how of the composer.

A. True

B. False

42. Which composer from the Golden Age of FilmMusic had originated a style of composing that became known as the “Fox stringsound”?





E.Alfred Newman

43. According to the lectures in class, whichscore by Korngold was the inspiration for the main title music for Star Wars?

A.Sea Hawk

B.Sunday Picnic


D.King’s Row

E.The Wizard of Oz

44. What is an EPK?

A. Egg-PackagedKrumrod

B. Itstands for the creator of cinema. His name was Eggblatt Primrose Killbill.

C. EndoricaPupushka Kundullicini, the first woman camera operator during the silent daysof filmmaking.

D. Newmusic inspired by the silent film pop group, Eyelash Pantyhose Kitchenware.

E. ElectronicPress Kit.

45. According to our lectures in class, who waspaid the highest salary of the Golden Age of Film Music period?

A. Rozsa

B. Steiner


D. Newman

E. Korngold

46. FilmNoir is a term that means erotic, sexy film.

  1. True
  2. False

47. A foley artist is a person who uses apre-recorded sound from a sound effects library to enhance the backgroundsounds for a film.

A. True

B. False

48. Lee De Forest invented a vacuum tube thatgreatly improved the amplification of the volume of the sound-on-disc process.

A. True

B. False

49. According to our lectures in class, the song “Over the Rainbow” was voted the worstsong ever written for a movie.

A. True

B. False

50. What was the name of the sound-on-film system?

A. Sousaphone

B. Dictaphone

C. Phonofilm

D. Vitaphone


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