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MGMT370 Regent University 12 O Clock High Movie Essay

MGMT370 Regent University 12 O Clock High Movie Essay

These movies portray leadership and Decision Making lessons. Some optional questions are suggested for some movies. This is a writing to explore your version and opinion, for personal growth. Therefore, you may identify different factors than some of the questions present. Thus, the Opinion essay does not require research. It can be from 300-500 words in length. Please compose it in APA format with title page, abstract, citations, reference(s) list and elaborate on decision theories that you identify and analysis.

Identify decision making principles and provide your opinions about your chosen movie. Choose one of the three movies listed for this assignment.

  • “12 O’Clock High”, a classic movie with Gregory Peck

For example, consider framing, decision-making, and leadership outcomes due to framing. Framing has an effect on the quality of decisions produced. To make sense of life events, we “frame” the event within a familiar context to give it meaning. This allows us to draw on previous experience in deciding what to do in the current situation. However, problems occur when we (a) have little or no past experience from which to draw, (b) miss subtle yet important cues from the current situation causing a misinterpretation of the event, (c) erroneously reconcile current situations with misinterpreted past experiences, and (d) when our past frames no longer carry relevance to current situations.

In “Twelve O’Clock High”, you could identify different outcomes when a leader operates from new and more accurate frames. One example would include the effect of the leader’s framing on his decision-making and follower performance and/or addressing the inquiries below.

The movie looks at the 8th Air Force’s bombing campaign during the autumn of 1942. The many parts of the 132-minute, black-and-white movie are real. In fact, the Medal of Honor scene depicts the details of the citation of Lieutenant John C. Morgan’s valor during a mission over Europe in 1943. As you watch the movie, it will be helpful to know that there were four bomber groups in Alconbury, England in 1942. A group consisted of 21 B-17s and each B-17 carried a crew of ten. Though made in 1949, the movie has been rated age appropriate for 10+.

Some ideas or questions to consider in viewing and writing your Opinion Essay are listed below. You could include the topic, framing and its effect on a leader’s decisions and follower outcomes.

a.Why is the 918th Bomb Group having difficulties?

b.How does Colonel Davenport frame his current situation’?

c.As an effective leader, is he succeeding or failing? Why? What is the effect of his framing on his success/failure?

d.What is General Savage’s frame of reference and decision style as a leader at Pinetree when talking to Colonel Davenport?

e.When did General Savage change his framing of the situation?

f.How did General Savage’s decision-making change as a result of this change in framing?

g.Explain how General Savage frames Major Stovall differently from the air crew and identify behavioral evidences of this frame.

h.Due to his re-framing, what are some of the changes in General Savage’s leadership style?

i.What clue do we have that General Savage is becoming more effective as a leader at this point in the story?

j.Compare the differences in framing between Colonel Davenport and General Savage; how did their leadership styles differ as a product of their framing?

k.What are some indicators from followers that General Savage is effective in his leadership of the Bomb Group?

l.Why was General Savage able to turn the 918th around?

m.What lesson is Ben Gately teaching us all about leadership, framing, and decision-making?

******* The questions listed in the assignment are meant to be a guide to help you with your essay but are not meant to be answered. These should simply serve as tool to help you set up your essay.

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