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SWK 3375 Wk 7 TU The Effective Action Plan Personal & Interpersonal Level Essay

SWK 3375 Wk 7 TU The Effective Action Plan Personal & Interpersonal Level Essay

* Do not use contractions in this course. Contractions will be counted as grammatical errors.

Clear and professional writing is expected.

Correct = “Do not”, “will not” etc…

Incorrect = “Don’t”, won’t”, etc…

.5 deduction for every 3 grammatical errors.

You are to open every weekly module for each weekly assignment.

*All reading assignments are located in the “Course Schedule” in the Syllabus. If you have questions or concerns, please do e-mail me well before an assignment is due.

Week 7

After reading chapter Five, read the article titled: “No Pay, No Play! Poor kids banned from school carnival”. You will be writing an Action plan for the school titled PS 120. (The article is in module 7.)

Before beginning, read the case example on page 104, that involved a school with a large Hispanic population and an event that was mishandled and resulted with many children feeling left out, or invisible. This case example and Action plan will prove to be beneficial when you are working on Module seven’s assignment. The case on page 104 is an example only. It is not part of your assignment.

The Module 7 assignment will be based off of the PS 120 case. Meaning you are learning from the mistakes of the first PS 120 carnival.


The school PS 120 has a lot to learn regarding school activities and they need your help. The format of the next carnival needs to be addressed and you must lay-out an “Action” plan because the school failed miserably with the 1st school carnival. You have read the article and know the facts. You are aware that the structure of the 1st carnival was not well received and needs restructuring. In other words, you have been called in to “clean up the mess”. Someone needs to take charge and this someone is YOU!

There is going to be another carnival.

You are in charge of orchestrating a plan of action that will lay-out steps to follow and goals to meet before the carnival begins. It is your job to develop an “Action” plan on a “Personal/Interpersonal” level, as well as an “Organizational level”. This means that you are putting together two action plans.

You will be presenting this Action plan to the school board.

Be sharp and specific with each step.

You are to be creative with this assignment and develop your own plan.

Your goal is to focus on WHAT is going to be done, and HOW it will be done.

(Do not follow the plan that the textbook offers in regard to the mariachi musicians. This was an example only to help you have a glimpse of an “Action” plan.)

Make sure you read the “Announcement” that augments this assignment.

Again, be specific when addressing this assignment. The tasks’ before you involve learning from the failed event, and developing proposals for each of the 8 steps that will improve the outcome of the next carnival.

Remember, in step 4, you will need to explain HOW you are planning to “measure” the progress. How will you know if you have achieved the outcome that you are seeking if you do not have a way to measure the progress? How will you know if it is working so far, or if you need to make changes?

You will format and address your Action in the following manner:

Action Plan

Personal and Interpersonal Level

  1. Objective and Goals –
  2. Action Steps –
  3. Timetable –
  4. Measures of Progress –

Organizational Level

  1. Objectives and Goals –
  2. Action Steps –
  3. Timetable –
  4. Measure of Progress


I will send over the book pages and some tips from the instructor

here is the link to the instructor

No Pay, No Play.pdf

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